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Living a Better Life

by Insidewebsolutions (writer), , July 04, 2015

To help the world live better.This is the vision of, a company that strives to shake up the real estate business. And how do they intend to do this? They are changing lives by making selli

To help the world live better.This is the vision of, a company that strives to shake up the real estate business. And how do they intend to do this? They are changing lives by making selling, buying and investing properties ranging from flats to two story houses easier and quicker. And true enough to its vision, they are now the dependable online site in India when it comes to checking new housing projects, verifying the competency of agents and even ensuring that you do not fall prey to fake listings.

Because the people behind believes that owning properties is a life changing decision, they give home seekers and homeowners a break from endless searching of numerous online sites, paperwork, physical house hunting by creating an online reference regarding all the things related to real estate. In just one click, you can check all options based on your preferences.

In checking their site, you can easily understand how it works. It has many buttons that targets to help your search easier. At the upper left corner of the site, you can click what you intend to do with a property. If you’re looking for a good place to rent, you can easily click the option “rent” and the site will connect you to all available spaces for rent depending on your chosen location, preferred BHK or Bedroom Hall Kitchen and amenities based on your specific budget. This is also how it works for the options “PG and Hostels”, “Buy”, “Home loans” and “Serviced apartments.” If your looking for 1 bhk flat in mumbai you may click the 1BHK option. If you want a space with 3 bedrooms, 1 hallway and 1 kitchen, then click the 3BHK option.

If you want to be more specific on your search, you may also check the option regarding the built in area that you’re looking for. Through this, your search will be limited to your preferred space area. Furthermore, you can choose what type of property you are looking for. It can either be an apartment, independent house or independent floor. And if you’re very meticulous on your search for a property, you can go to the “More” button. In there, you can limit your search based on the age of property (if you want a space that is not 10 years old or etc), facilities (If you want a space that has a pool, gym or library), and you can even indicate your preferred price per square feet. Indeed, it makes the business of real estate more convenient. Not to mention that you can check the available properties without having to go there personally. Yes, they have pictures of all the properties!

They take advantage of the power of social media, thus, they are also active in social sites like twitter and facebook. You can even download the application on your mobile device.

So if you’re one of those that are tired of the traditional hectic way of searching for a good property to invest or even one of those that still needs to approach every single person they meet just to sell their property, will now do those things for you. So you can have more time to focus on other things that also matters.

Housing is here to help the world live better. We are on a journey to simplify everything to do with real estate, which leaves you free to focus on your life, your loved ones – the things that matter most.

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