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Oriental Rugs - The Latest Artwork Trend For Living Rooms

by Sydney Pro (writer), , June 30, 2015

Although they have been around for thousands of years, property owners are increasingly using Oriental rugs to add personality to living areas. What should you know when buying an Oriental rug?

It would be hard to imagine that someone would buy an expensive oil painting, then put it on the floor of their living room and walk all over it. But if you are in the market for an Oriental rug, then that is most probably what you will do with these expensive pieces of art.

The most expensive rug ever sold was the silk Isfahan rug of Central Persia which sold for $4,450,000 USD in 2008 at Christie's New York. But you needn't be concerned about accidentally wiping your shoes on it, it is safely stored away. But if you are looking for an Oriental rug for your home what do you need to consider?

Where to buy an Oriental rug?

Rug wholesalers: Wholesalers have access to large quantities of rugs and generally offer great rates, but generally do not have the finest handmade rugs in stock.

Boutique rug retailers: Rug experts that run small rug stores generally have access to antique and rare rugs crafted by some of the world's leading rug manufacturers. The range is not as expansive as the wholesalers, but if you are after a rug as an investment this is the best place to come.

Online rug retailers: There is always a risk buying rugs online as you are not able to examine the rug until you receive it.

Tips for buying an Oriental rug.

Learn from an experts – There are rug aficionados that are passionate about Oriental and Persian rugs, and if you can find one who is happy to share their wisdom, then you are onto a good thing. Experts are able to identify where rugs were manufactured just by looking at the pattern and a quick feel of the fibres.

Scratch the back of the rug – You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, and you shouldn't judge a rug by just looking at the top of it. Flip a rug over and it will reveal a lot about it's quality and how it was manufactured.

Look for imperfection – If it is a handmade rug there should be minor imperfections. A careful inspection will also reveal if there is any UV damage.

Get your rug professionally cleaned – A specialist rug cleaner will be able to provide a safe and thorough rug clean that will extend the lifespan of your rug. One Eastern Suburbs rug cleaning company recommends cleaning your rug annually to prevent the buildup of coarse particles in the base of the carpet that can damage the delicate fibres of your rug.

While most homeowners are still more likely to purchase a cheap rug that is merely used as a floor covering, there is a growing population of art appreciators who are investing in handmade rugs to not only fill a space, but display an artwork. After thousands of years gracing the finest halls and palaces throughout the Middle East, Oriental rugs continue to be a welcome addition to living room the world over.

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