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How to Ensure Local-SEO Success

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Local SEO

Local SEO can yield significant for a business. Not only can they mitigate lost local traffic and sales, but also produce incremental sales due to the premium space you’ve been able to secure.

Local SEO has become imperative for businesses to be able to reach out to a greater local audience. As important as local SEO is in the present scheme of competition, getting it wrong is easy. Here are a few things you must ensure to be able to reap the best results from local SEO.

What to ensure for successful Local SEO?

  • Store Locator - The store locator feature has become the foundation of local SEO today. Especially in an era of smartphones and tablets, the store locator feature is becoming the face of brands. And when we say store locator, we don’t mean the simple zip lookup and drop-down address list, but the latest store locator 2.0 which detects a visitor’s location and then suggests the closest stores. Essentially, it’s a responsive. This software can be fully integrated with the leading search and social networks, with each page reflecting the unique community being served.
  • Social Media Optimization - Social channels have also become very important in the context of local SEO. Google now uses social signals such as rating, reviews, comments, shares, likes, etc. to assess the popularity and relevance of a particular location in the local ecosystem, and most importantly Google+ local pages. What does it do? Well, it offers social validation to a location, something like the lure to visit a popular eating joint or a multiplex, etc. Google uses these social signals to rank businesses; the more happening a place, the higher it ranks in the local search results.
  • Location Data Ecosystem - The store locator should be hosting the business’ “location data of record”, which means that the most current, comprehensive and accurate data of the brand should be available to them. The lengthy geocode for every location needs to be manually set, and there’s no other shortcut to getting this right. The remaining contact and address information needs to be updated in the locator on a weekly basis. Once these are updated, the changes must be syndicated to directories like Google, Bing, Foursquare, etc. regularly. Lastly, the third party listing and pages need to be linked back to their respective store locator pages and vice versa, so that each of the location’s local presence is completely interlinked.
  • Advertising - With the ecosystem in place, businesses can then boost their website’s search results through different forms of paid media on Facebook and Google. While both platforms support local ads, the former is proactive in traffic response and the latter reactive. The Facebook Local Awareness Ad objective is a great way to increase the number of footfalls to a particular location. This feature helps trigger ads unique to locations, thus increasing the local visitor footfalls.

Consider seeking affordable professional SEO services in Los Angeles. They can help you optimize local SEO for your website and get more traffic back to your stores.

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