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The only way to install premium radio. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, June 29, 2015

Using the ignition short cuts and steel bar below you can install a $10,000 car stereo for a fraction of the price charged by ripoff merchants. Sound this blog out and muck your own mind up?

RADIO TURN ON. riginal.

Look, i just realized of late the perpetuational value of flog. See i had this crazy obscene crass notional distant cloudy errant obscure idea that blogging was a communication of means whereupon people sat at their keyboards and racked the cloudy grey area with thought provoking emulsion and suddenly a story or observance rose like an oil slick from the inner cognitive tanker depths...holed and leaking inspiration unstoppable. Unquenchable font of lifeboat words spread across the A4 sea of other words a gem of an idea which takes root and becomes a new born baby of write. A story? A meaningful type.

Just realized how time wasting and utterly futile and inadequate this process is when one only has to present a readily available diatribe of easily accessed print from search engines such as "how our number two's is shit!" How it is best "when shifting from one apartment t the other it's vital you take your stuff with you...or at least set fire to it to the tune of 'smoke gets in your eyes.' Maybe the apartment owner will help you? I mean that dilapidated leaking sunless box of dreary is well insured and should the pre-war bare wiring short? Well, everyone wins. The firemen get practice, the already condemned wallpaper hiding a Van Go painting is go...gone...along with the ear shriveled cut off in a moment of thoughtlessness stuck with plaster to the plaster.

Your gear needed upgrading anyway. Shame you didn't take note that the apartment you were about to move into...was opposite so now you're basically homeless. Two apartments demolished for the price of one. But wait! There's more! See, the heavily embalmed walls below the two apartments burning, burst into flame in dried turps sympathy because between sloshing paint and drinking brush cleaner Van had impregnated the flaming surrounds. No one is hurt because the people living in the apartments were engrossed in walking up and down outside the building protesting that a pig wouldn't live there, and indeed the place was a fire hazard waiting to burn to the ground...all co-incidental. Anyway, the forensic trained fire chief ascertained that the fire started...just before he fell through the apartment floor Van Coughed over in his abject misery many years ago, of course nothing of this nature actually happened, just a pigment of my imagination's dark background brush with unreality. A frameless subject of debate.

The main thrust here of course is to stick to easily understood directional statement. This post is about installing a radio and how to turn it on in a car whether your four wheeled companion be weathered or a brand new stolen one your best mate 'found' with a broken ignition 'overide.' IE, when the ride was over your mate gave you the car minus the radio which apparently 'fell foul' of the short arm of the claw used to disembowel it as an afterthought. At that time you were busy trying to put out your clothes which stated on the label, 'China made, don't be wearing in burning apartments...guaranteed to catch ire when on fire...which didn't really happen cept for the new car you are now sleeping in after the building was destroyed by flamin' imagination. Are you with me?

Okay, first you must buy a recently stolen expensive radio,amp, woofer, wacker, 69 stack auto play 100 speaker coffee maker included tweeter...all detachable with a small stolen steel claw bar with no fingerprints. Your mate installs it for a price...after all he knows where it all goes back in, and surprize! He has the appropriate wiring loom. Okay, the original hole in the dash is much larger. Hasty steel bars do that when quick gouging. The install is a success. The unit is somewhere over the rainbow caused by a recent building burning down but i think the fireman covered that. Make sure all your connections are safe. Don't worry bout spot fires under the dash during initial testing phase. Your mate included a free stolen fire extinguisher which he 'borrowed' from the burning building which could have put the blaze out in the early stages...but shit! An extinguisher can't be everywhere at once.

Okay, your mate shorts the ignition wires and suddenly the protesting 'building not safe for a pig' crowd, lying gasping on some of their remaining furniture on the blackened sidewalk suddenly leap up and dance to Zorba the Greek (the financial Greek, he is your mate that sold you the radio back). Make sure you don't annoy the scorched neighbors with loud music. Yes and Zorba can be monotonous unless you're holding onto the derriere of that honey that runs all over your imagination. Okay, she trains, or used to, in the burnt basement of the offer her a place to stay until she can recuperate and you can get your breath back. Enter the stolen Merc's two person camper that was attached to the car as a stolen 'double deal.'

Some problems you can have with this particular hi-end (not the honey's...keep your mind clean please...soot free if you can) system is the red and blue sooty flashing lights overshadowing your dash. I think in America they're called aftermarket stolen goods cops. Ignore them. A good lawyer will get you certified insane...then you are free to run for President of America...only stipulation being you have to report to the people everyday. Not to be confused with mingling with people protesting about being forced to live in the street on their soggy furniture not fit for a pig to sit on...and forced to dance 24/7 to Zorba the Greek because it's jammed on that track. Oh forgot, just bang the dash to turn the radio on...any problems ring Zorba. You can't turn the radio off but in my next post we'll deal with batteries. Your mate has that in hand. Well, two hands. Sure, the radio didn't come with a warranty but what does these days? Anyway, Ms. Honey is cooking your breakfast on the 'hot wire.' What more could one ask for? a word of caution to those people who are contemplating a radio mega set up in a car they own. DON'T. Buy one of those cheap shitty radios plus one vinyl speaker with paper roach encrusted cone. Why? Well, if you put in an expensive setup chances are Zorba will 'second' it.

This installation technique is a rough guide only. I can't cover every model of 'rip out' mobile installation. Zorba can, but then most floggers reading this will protest loudly, "it's all Greek to me?" If you do decide to shift your apartments don't everyone do it on the same day...cos the shifting apartments may rub together and thus ignite Van's ancient paint. Actually if you're a two person mobile you may not need any music at all? Whatever turns you off i guess. Must be off. Have a great day. If a pig wouldn't live in your apartment building Zorba has one that will. One man's beef not necessarily another man's pork...sorry...poison. :>)

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