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The Californian on Wilshire

by 'Mean' Mike Duffau (writer), I'm the boss!, September 17, 2007

The Californian on Wilshire is a recently completed 23-story, 74-unit luxury condominium tower with a 245-car, subterranean garage. This uniquely high-end project is distinguished by amenities such as marble exterior cladding, floor-to-ceiling windows, private elevators, a health club with lap pool; conference and media rooms; a catering kitchen, wine storage, library, and valet parking services.
The building is plush and the lobby looks as if it could hold a collection of art. It's a great toy to have if you got the cash to spend and also to show off to the ladies. "But to be employed there is the pitts!" As one employee says.

The staff is not properly organized starting at the bottom with the management who only seem to hire any 'Joe' off the street when it comes to valet parking. The reputation of the building is reflected at the driveway where the valets are stationed and their performance is not up to par according to the satisfaction of the homeowners. They may greet and help the elite, but they lack finesse and charisma. Most of all they barely speak the english language.
Moving on down to the access control which is a spiced up term for security. They basically sit on their fat arses at the front desk and answer phone calls and tell the valets to get this car and that car. They have other duties too such as taking three hour breaks. When it comes to securing and patroling the premises??? Who knows when they have time for that. Two access control employees admitted that they don't know why management hired them. They don't care if the building goes up in flames. There goes the security of this fine architecture.
Moving further on down the chain are the front desk personel and exactly what they do that the access control aready take care of is beyond my knowledge. The only time they are actually at the desk is the last 30 minutes of their shift when they have to pass down information to the next person to take over. Their uniform are identical to the access control so one can't tell who belongs to what department.
Lets move on further with the engineers. These are the guys that make sure the building is running properly. Their hands are always clean and never seen with sweat beads dripping off their foreheads. No grease stains on the uniforms either. The only type of work from a witness had told me is the head engineer's assistant who only changes light bulbs around the place. If it wasn't for the difference in uniform the engineer would pass as a valet.
The maintenance crew are the only ones in the entire staff that mind their own business and perform the tasks that's set for them in a professional mannor. Unfortunately, their job gets dirtier by the second after they clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. They have nothing to show for their hard work after the staff messes it up again.

Last but never the least...the so called clever ones behind the building operation. The individuals who receive all the credit for doing absolutely nothing whatsoever...this is the management. The best solution they have to offer is that the building is always on a budget. It has been reported that management terminated all of the part-timers, and so therefore this allows more pressure on the full-time employees. Several full-timers have been terminated as well and none were replaced. More added pressure.
Nonetheless, the homeowners have not the slightest clue of what's going on with the staff because all they care about is the service. And they want it quick! When the staff can't get to them right away that's when the crying starts. Management hears all the complaints but yet nothing is done to solve the problem. All because management needs to be on a tight budget so they get a huge bonus at the end of the year.

The staff gets the shaft and management reap the benifits without parking a car, cleaning toilets, changing light bulbs, or even working up a sweat and it's all for the sake of the socialites who will continue getting the service they rightfully pay for.

Think before you spend a couple million dollars on a condo and the service might not meet your expectations. The Californian on Wilshire is located at 10800 Wilshire blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90024

Other condos to avoid along the Wilshire Corridor with the similiar type of bad service include: The Wilshire Thayer, The Blair House, and LA TOUR.

Happy condo hunting!

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By Lois on January 03, 2008 at 06:24 pm
I bought a condo many years ago. I later bought a house in no association and rented the condo out. The storm trooper board of directors constantly was on me about one thing or another. I believed they contributed to the market value decline of the project by giving us a bad rep. I found it hard to even get a Realtor to list it at the top of the market due to its bad rep. I did sell that condo at the top of the market. I will never again buy a place with any sort of an association.
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