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How To Choose a Best Hosting Providers

by Ravi Kumar Gupta (writer), , June 25, 2015

In the year 2014 about 41% of the companies suffered from a major disaster and its name is DDoS attack.

In the year 2014 about 41% of the companies suffered from a major disaster and its name is DDoS attack. This attack created major disruptions and systems and websites were either taken offline or were completely disrupted. Out of five websites were remaining offline the entire day. In D DoS reaction time is a major factor so were the owners of the business. It is important that the IT mangers and webmasters understand the risks that D DoS can posses to their websites and should have a consistent plan ready in the first place.

Dos means denial-of service and it is an endeavor to make network or machine resources ready to the users. For the majority of the business this meant an attempt to flood their sites with traffic that incompletely spam, so that the traffic can be sent to the websites which are offline. D DoS means to disrupt DoS or can say many different servers bombarding their websites so that they can gain more success in their objectives.

Distributed denial of service attack

This one is the most complicated, but also a very powerful version in which there are numerous attacking systems are certainly involved. In this attack there are many systems performing denial of service attacks targets the similar server. As this attack is dispersed over multiple group’s at large scale it is known as distributed Dos attack. To perform such types of attacks zombie network is used and this affects the computers which attackers might have installed silently. Whenever he needs to perform the D DOS he just need to use his zombie network.

Types of D DoS attack

There are 3 types of D DoS attacks basically which are

    1.Volume based


    3.Application layer

Volume based attack includes ICMP floods and UDP floods and there are other floods also which are performed with the aid of spoofed packets

Protocol attacks is the attack which is performed on the level of protocol and the categories are Ping of death, syn flood and there are many more.

Application layer attack targets Apache, Windows, open BSD and other vulnerabilities on the software to crash the entire server.

D DoS is not going to stop

D DoS attacks are like they are never going to stop and are increasing. There are surveys reports available and in the year 2012 about 22% of the United Kingdom companies had suffered from this major attack. Among them 37% had just lasted for one day. Another survey concluded that the companies suffering from the attack level lifted up to 30% and this figure in the North America went up to 60%.

According to a research report 41% companies all over the globe had got a hit by DDoS attack and this also proceeded to 2015. 78% organizations were also targeted more than twice in one year. This attack is targeting on a major scale thus, it becomes important that how you choose your web host to overcome DDoS attack. Studies also show that no websites can skip this attack as both small and large websites are getting affected from this. Research shows that the retail companies are likely to be more prone thus helping to choose the best web host is a major need.

Be prepared before it attacks your site

The first step in the DDoS plan is to evaluate the cost and different elements related to your IT systems. The DDoS attack for example on corporate blogs can be less than a website. Keep this thing in mind that the higher is going to the impact of the attack the more money and time is required to protect it.

If you need to migrate from the risks than you need to first understand the architecture of your hosting. Once you have evaluated all the major points in your IT systems you will need to understand were the risk lies in servers. Also ask your hosting service providers to close all the non critical ports after knowing that they might be under attack. The more you interact with your hosting service providers the more easily you will be able to understand the critical services. Delay is going to make your business suffer a lot. So it is best that you choose reliable hosting providers and there are DDoS attack and network stress testing tools also available which are mentioned further.

Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC)

This tool is a very popular one and is available easily on the Internet.This tool was utilized by anonymous group of hackers against the major companies. They not only used this tool effectively, but also requested the web users to join DDoS created by them via IRC. This tool can be used to attack on small servers and it is a very easy to use tool for the newbie’s. You just need IP address and URL of the tool and the server is going to complete the further process.


Is other brilliant DoS attacking tool that performs attack on any of the server with just IP address. XOIC developers claim that their tool is much better than the LOIC in variety of ways. Beginners will also find this tool very easy to use to perform attacks on the servers and websites.


HULK is a powerful tool that creates requests and there are several techniques which this tool uses to avoid the detection of the attacks via patterns that re known. The makers of this tool also tested it with four GB RAM and it shut down the server in just one minute.

These are the few tools and there are many tools available on the Internet which hackers and others can use to shut down your websites.DOS attack is very powerful and dangerous thus, it is important to know each and everything about it and the tools so that you can prevent attacks on your websites and servers. Keep this in mind that the complex attack is very hard to fight so use the best methods and software that can protect your IP address and other aspects.

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