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Choose Fruits & veggies that Maintains your Mouth Hygiene

by charlottewalker (writer), Houston, June 24, 2015

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Oral Health

Know how proper dental care is essential for mouth health and what kinds of food items are best for mouth. Moreover get familiar with which food items we should avoid to maintain hygiene.

Apart from cleaning and brushing there are many food items that help us to protect against gums issues & tooth decay.

Off course certain foods have tendency to affect mouth health in good manner while there are other bad foods too that leaves bad effect on mouth. The bacteria exist in the mouth be likely to act in response with different foods that you eat. The reacted bacteria will cause tooth decay, whereas some foods don't encourage tooth decay. The bacteria present in the teeth and gums turn sugar into acids by responding with the food that you have. This acid starts to attack the teeth enamel, which begins the decaying procedure.

Let’s have a glance at the food that is good for Dental health care

Milk and Milk Products

Yogurt, cheese, and milk are the best selection of food to preserve good gum and teeth health. These foods guard the tooth enamel by covering it. These foods are high in calcium and phosphorous, which aid to rematerialize the teeth.

Vegetable and fruits

There are many fruits that contains high water like watermelon they are best for oral hygiene. The reason behind this is water content dilutes the effect of sugars that they have. They also tend to enhance the saliva, which guards against decay.

The best selections of vegetables and fruits are the crunchy and firm ones. Some fine choices of fruits are pear, strawberries and apples, etc. A few good crusty vegetables are sweet potato, celery, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, and. Celery is particularly good because it increases extra chewing, which cleans the teeth and massages the gums thus keeping it healthy.


Green Tea is best drink for health and oral hygiene same as plain drinking water and other herbal teas are all best for oral health. These types of teas have antioxidants, which protects from plaque from sticking to the teeth and so you face a lesser risk of gum diseases and cavities. Teas also reduce the enlargement of bacteria and can aid fight bad breath issues.

Additional Special Foods

Meats, chicken, and nuts are excellent for oral health. Similar to milk and products made from milk, these are good foods help to construct the enamel. Moreover the interesting fact is onions have powerful antibacterial sulfur compounds, which is the best. Research tells that onions tend to kill various kinds of bacteria. Thus, eating raw and fresh onions can aid you preserve healthy teeth.

Avoid foods that are bad for oral health

Obviously food that contains sugar content is bad for health.

It is always advice for regular visit your dentist for proper dental health care treatment and checkup to maintain your oral hygiene and prevent your teeth from any kind of oral disease and infections.Drinking sugary drinks or sodas can really contribute to tooth decay. In addition, one requires having sweets in small amounts as they increase teeth and gum issues to a great amount. Though, sugarless foods are better than foods which contain natural sugars. Due to which natural sugar consisting foods tend to respond with bacteria in the mouth and support the release of acids which cause tooth decay.

Eating in smaller time gap also expose the teeth to damaging acids. You will also require brushing your teeth twice daily and if possible after each and every meal. If you cannot clean your mouth after your meals, then you will require to at least gargling your mouth.

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