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General Tips While Moving Out Of Your Apartment

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Apart from hiring the best movers in Singapore, there are a few things that you can do to make your moving transition smoother.

When you are shifting into a new home or an apartment, everything might seem a little confusing at first. You might have trouble with packing things, hiring a moving company, ensuring that everything is stacked as per the requirement etc. But moving doesn’t have to be tough. All you need to do is follow these simple steps for moving out of your apartment.

Ample Notice Time

If you are living in a rental accommodation, it is recommended that you spell out the required notice for the property. Inform your landlord about your impending move at least 2 months before. Similarly sign a deal with the best movers in Singapore at least 8 weeks before or else you might not find a mover ready to work at a short notice.

Do clean everything

It might seem trivial when you are moving out of an apartment. But it is recommended that you clean the entire space before leaving. Not just for the sake of courtesy to the new owner/renter, but to ensure that you aren’t forgetting anything yourself. Cleaning out everything, from sinks to showers, blinds to cabinets and drawers will help in making your move easier. Either clean the place bit by bit every day or hire someone to handle it.

Have enough supplies

A lot of people miscalculate the amount of items they need to move and pack. You should avoid that. When a house mover in Singapore visits your place, make sure that you show them everything and get their recommendations about the amount of supplies that you will need for wrapping and boxing everything (if you are packing on your own). Otherwise, just make sure that the moving company itself is packing your items in a manner that you want. For instance, they should pack a certain set of things in one box and a certain set of things in other.

Label Boxes

That’s something most people forget. But it’s basic. You should label all the boxes to ensure that you know which room they belong to. At the same time, you can keep an inventory of the boxes and check them against the inventory of your movers so that nothing is lost during the transit. You should preferably even add the name of the room where the boxes go to for easier unpacking.

Keep a ‘Carry Me’ Box

You wouldn’t be unpacking everything on the same day movers arrive. So, you should ideally carry a special box that has everything that you might need for a few days. Clothing and other essentials must be included in that box, which can be carried in your car and opened or used whenever needed. Also, keep a stack of your toiletries, soaps and toothbrushes among other items of everyday use.

These simple, general tips will certainly make moving out of the apartment an easier task.

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