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Various Skin Problems Treated by Laser Beams

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Laser Treatment
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Laser treatment is an effective method to treat various skin problems with minimum side-effects and quickest possible time.

Beauty products and treatment methods are gaining huge popularity in current days. Organic beauty products and beauty treatments that cause lowest side-effects are also coming in limelight. In the latter category, laser treatment is a hugely popular method. In this article I shall focus upon various remedies provided by laser treatment.

Laser hair removal: Various kinds of laser beams are focused upon the intended area to weaken the hair from the follicles. One of the biggest advantages of laser treatment is it causes least side-effects and is a quick process. After a few sessions, considerable amount of unwanted hair is removed from the body. However this treatment does not affirm complete removal of hair strands. Yes it lowers the rate of hair growth and makes less dense hair strands.

Laser hair removal treatment works best for a certain skin-tone and hair color. For example it shows best result for fair skinned people with black hair strands. As laser beams focus the melanin cells so dark skinned people face dangers of affecting their natural skin tone. However black hair strands are effectively targeted by laser beams.

To avoid any kind of side-effect you need to strictly follow your doctor’s advice. Mainly doctors advise patients to avoid bleaching the skin area surrounding the area where the laser treatment would be conducted. Exposure to sunlight is advised to be minimal. Even after taking all above mentioned advises a few side-effects may be resulted such as inflammation, rashes, reddish tinge, a bit of burning sensation and itching. But to the relief of the patient, all these symptoms withdraw within a few days and generally require no special treatment.

Laser acne treatment: Laser beams are focused upon the area. It produces heat underneath the skin pores and deviates biological processes of acne production in two different ways. First way is the shrinking of sebaceous glands that produce excessive oil on skin and the second way is the destruction of the bacteria that generate acnes.

Not only laser treatment is effective in treating acnes but also scars generated by them. Generally pulsed dye lasers are used for them. For atrophic scars mainly resurfacing through carbon dioxide laser beams are used. Swelling requires greater time.

This treatment usually poses minimum side-effects such as redness of the area that disappears after a few hours of undergoing the treatment.

Type of lesion, collagen and quickness of wound heal up mechanism guide the number of sessions as well as required intervals between them. In general sessions at an interval of 3 to 4 weeks are given to see important difference.

Laser treatment for stretch marks: Mainly excimer laser focuses UV rays upon the affected area. The stretch marks absorb energy that stimulates the growth of new collagen. This collagen layer covers those marks. For minimizing these stretch marks, laser treatment is highly effective.

Laser treatment is applied to treat many problems. The result is highly productive and works speedily. Most importantly the treatment has lowest side-effects.

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