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Commercials Are Still A Great Way To Get Your Brand Noticed

by ThomasStocks (writer), , June 18, 2015

TV Commercials have been around for many years and they still drive important messages. Find out why they're still great for your business.

When people talk about getting your brand “out there” it is easy to think that TV is the way to do it. TV Commercials are extremely difficult to judge when it comes to their success but if there is one thing they’re good at, it’s getting your brand in front of people.

Over the years there have been some massive brands who have created some memorable commercials including the likes of Coca Cola, Cadburys and Lynx. One thing all of these companies have in common is they have all created an advert that people remember.

For example, Cadbury’s created arguably one of the most memorable commercials when they used a man in a gorilla suit to play the drums to a Phil Collins’ classic. And we all know about Coca Cola’s Christmas advert with the branded truck.

When creating an advert you will need to think strongly about the message as this is what will make people remember it. The key messages need to be clear and concise and you will need to ensure that you have a reason for doing the advert (i.e. a new brand that needs to grow its customer base).

Commercials are not as easy to track in terms of their success as if you compare it to the performance of a website, but for quick coverage and brand awareness they are a great platform to use.

TV Ad Space doesn’t come cheap though, so you will have to use your time wisely. In fact, for a 30 seconds advert slot during the NFL Super Bowl it cost $4 million earlier this year. Granted, this is always higher than any other Ad Space but you will need fairly deep pockets if you want a successful campaign.

When thinking of investing some money into TV, you will need to ensure that you work closely with a video production company so you can work together to create something that will make people sit up and pay attention.

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