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Paper Lanterns to Increase the Aesthetics of the Occasion

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Paper lanterns are amazing stuffs for highlighting the special events of your life that you want to celebrate with full jest.

For the addition of glamour and aesthetics to festivals paper lanterns are used in many Eastern and South-East Asian countries. They have different sizes and shapes. Not all of them are made of following similar steps. Some are made of simple paper bags and some others are made of complex collapsible bamboo pieces. Originally these lanterns were developed in China. From there gradually they expanded to different parts and as far as USA.

In old days these lanterns were used by Chinese, Koreans and Japanese for different purposes like spiritual, religious, decorative and lighting purposes. Simplest of them was a white colored paper bag containing a candle. Various colored, sized and shaped paper lanterns are available in market. While a white colored paper lantern is hundred percent suitable for religious purpose; dark colored ones are perfectly suitable for spooky festivals like Halloween. When they are hung in the courtyards, they can give a spine chilling feeling to the bravest of the lot.

With time everything changes so does the paper lanterns. Nowadays not only candles are used but also electric bulbs. For common purposes low wattage bulbs of 60 are used whereas Chinaballs are used at film sets. These have tremendously high powered bulbs.

One of the most popular paper lanterns come with flame-lit lightings. These kinds of lights are most suitable for evening or dinner time parties in particular in an open space, under a canopy or a big dining hall. Dim lights give a fanciful feeling. But they should be kept safely and away from inflammable objects. If you are having a party where small children are attending then it is good to keep them at their hands’ distance. It is better to hang them.

Latest of the lot are battery operated lanterns. Their plus points are safety, low cost of maintenance and easy usage procedures. They are rapidly gaining popularity.

Now let us see two of the most popular versions of paper lanterns one is Chinese paper lanterns and the other is Japanese paper lanterns.

Chinese paper lanterns: Lanterns are extremely significant in traditional Chinese culture. These lanterns come with five flavors and the most commonly used one is named the Baby Bottom lantern. Other lanterns are called by crystal magic, tomato light, rolling paper and Buddha’s Gastronomy. Before buying a lantern for your home, try to search different models on a website and look for their pictures. Only after being sure should you buy one of them.

Japanese paper lanterns: Japanese use lanterns as an important part of spiritual and religious purposes. These lanterns are used as symbols of enlightenment in Buddhism. Japan celebrates floating lanterns festival that they believe would guide the human spirits to find a world of peace.

In addition both China and Japan manufacture flying lanterns and they scribble best wishes on them.

You may buy Super Wholesaler lanterns from online stores and I would suggest you to do so as these are the safest places to get quality, affordable paper lanterns for celebrating different special events of your life.

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