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Try Transferring Images to Wood for an Easy and Elegant DIY

by Kim Bettasso (writer), , June 12, 2015

Through the use of waxed paper and an inkjet printer, transferring a photo or other high-resolution image to a piece of wood is incredibly simple. The process is completed quite quickly, and the resul

I have always been a big fan of woodworking, as I love the natural texture, the beautiful grain and the knots that show through in any project that involves wood. So when it comes time to pick out a new project, I often look for something involving wood first. I recently came across one of the simplest and most beautiful wood-related projects that I believe has truly unlimited potential. It requires very little time and effort, so this is a great project for DIYers of all ability levels.

I have done wood transfers before, but they have not always turned out the way I wanted. I then discovered that the process of transferring an image to a piece of wood could be done using nothing more than an inkjet printer and some wax paper. I have both of those things in the house already, and I always have some spare pieces of wood lying around, so I did not even have to leave the house for supplies for this particular project.

All you will need is a nice piece of unfinished wood that is light in color so that the image will show up well. Your wax paper will have to be cut to the size of standard printer paper, and the printer itself must be an inkjet printer for this method to work. Beyond that, the only other thing you will need is a credit card to run over the wax paper when you transfer the image to the wood.

Of course, the first step is to select the image you want to transfer to the wood. This may be a photograph or it may be some other image, but it is important that the image is high-resolution to achieve the best results. Once you have chosen your image, make sure that you reverse it using photo software before you print it out. You will then load the wax paper into the printer and click “print,” making sure that you guide the paper as it exits the printer to keep the paper from folding or rolling during the printing process.

Once your image has been printed, move it from the printer to the wood and place the paper on the wood so that the ink side is down. Using a credit card, press down firmly to transfer the ink from the paper to the wood. Make sure that the whole image has transferred and then remove the paper. The image should be completely transferred, and you can choose to finish the project with a bit of wood sealer to protect the image from normal wear and tear.

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