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Mesmerizing Places You Can Visit for Free in Toronto

by Maya Jacobs (writer), , June 09, 2015

Mesmerizing Places You Can Visit for Free in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the Capital of Ontario. This city with more than 4.5 million of population is located at plain land routes and beautiful intersection of water. It is undoubtedly the most multi cultural City of country. Less than half of its inhabitants are local and the population is dominated by immigrants of other cities. People from other countries have brought their culture and language with them; and this is the reason why we can see the glimpse of every culture in this beautiful city.

Toronto is also a city of art and you can visit its attractive places upon arrival. Our article is mainly focused on the places that are making this whole region valuable. Shopping malls, restaurants and historical places are surely a big contributor for this city but when you have time, the surroundings of Toronto are surely worth your time.

Parks of Toronto

If you are a lover of natural beauty, there is no better place to visit than the Parks of Toronto. Interesting fact is that in real, these are not even parks. Toronto is a city that is built in the forest and Parks are customized to enhance their beauty. The “High Park” is said to be the oldest and most famous of these parks. With more than 160 hectares of gardening art area, this park is a best place for a scheduled picnic.

Famous Lake Ontario

What is a better way to spend the summer than sailing on Toronto Island in a pleasure boat? This group of islands is connected by bridges and from lake side; you can enjoy the stunning view of city along with the sunset that you will never forget. Your evening tour on boat with dancing and dinner will be an experience that you will not forget for years.

A little bad news for swimmers is that the water of Lake Ontario does not get warm even in the summer and it is not feasible to swim in the lake. But you can enjoy the stunning view of this natural reserve while hiking and having a dinner. There are many locker rooms and cafes to eat and relax and now, there is even a cinema where you can enjoy a romantic movie.

The Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is amongst those places that are the identifier of Canada. It will take you roughly an hour or a little more on the motorway to reach this beautiful place by car. Niagara Falls is consisting of American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil falls. American falls and Bridal Veil Falls are on the American side and this gives the most beautiful and perfect view from the Canadian side. The sight of these waterfalls in so amazing that one will remember it’s beauty for the rest of life. They can be visited from the waterfront or you can even get a boat to have a closer look that sails to the falls.

Natural beauty is just a small part of the tour; you can visit numerous other cities’ attractions in a luxurious rental car and make your tour a memorable one. Hope this will help you in finalizing the places you have on list because It is surely a city that one never forgets.

"This article is expressing a little glimpse of the natural beauty and places that you can visit with best limo rentals services in Toronto. This is to give you an idea of the attractions of this beautiful city and to express that there are many other places aside from the natural ones that are worthy of giving a visit."

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