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Do's and Don'ts of Child Nutrition

by Insidewebsolutions (writer), , June 04, 2015

Before we start discussing about the aspects of child nutrition, let us gather knowledge about nutrition itself. Nutrition is the segment of science that deals with the growth, development and health

Before we start discussing about the aspects of child nutrition, let us gather knowledge about nutrition itself. Nutrition is the segment of science that deals with the growth, development and health of a living being with respect to interaction of nutrients in food. A complete process of nutrition stars with Intake followed by absorption and assimilation and finally ends with excretion. All foods have nutritional values which determine the proper diet of a being. But when the topic shifts to child nutrition, special care needs to be taken. Unless we provide sufficient nutrients to a child he can never grow up into a healthy being and thus we see that childhood is the time when our body develops the most and requires healthy diet with high nutritional values. So here are a few do’s and don'ts one should follow while taking care of child nutrition.


    ØDo follow a healthy routine. One of the primary steps in maintaining proper diet for your children is by eating at a fixed time of the day and sticking to the routine strictly. Learn how to create an amazing schedule for your toddler from

    ØDo choose food for your child according to their nutritional value and make a proper diet chart. Give your child high sources of protein for their development through eggs, meat and beans.Do make dishes of cereals and breads as they are of high fibrous value. Learn how you can plan the best diet plan for your child by completing the diploma course on child nutrition from Shaw Academy (Shaw Academy On Twitter).

    ØUse polished rice as less as possible as they are very low on nutritional value.

    ØDo introduce different fruits and vegetables to your kids so that they learn to eat them from a young age and continue loving their taste as they grow old. Plus fruits and vegetables have lots of vitamins in them which help in having better immunity. Visit this page to know which fruit and vegetable have which vitamin in them.

    ØDo understand the capability of your child and take care of his appetite. Don’t force them on being reluctant and allow them as much they can on your pre-scheduled time.

    ØDo avoid junk food and fries as much as possible because not only they have zero nutritional values but also damage the appetite of a child from a very young age leading to severe problems in future.

    ØDo minimize distractions while eating as watching TV shows or listening to music while eating diverts your attention and makes your diet less effective on you.


    ØDon’t spoil the food adding too much sugar or salt. They damage the nutritional values of a diet as a whole.

    ØDon’t allow your child to get accustomed to fatty foods as obesity can cause several diseases and disorders. Instead make them have salads or fruit slices during breaks.

    ØDon’t spoil the fun of new dishes. While trying out something new, your child might be reluctant at first but make eating fun enough to encourage him in trying it out.

    ØDon’t follow a separate a diet or meal for your own. It is said the parents are the most impactful teachers for their children. Have the same healthy diet as that of your children so that they follow your eating habits.

    ØDon’t offer foods as rewards or bribes to make your child eat something. This is one of the worst habits you should discourage yourself from doing as serving foods like desserts or sweets or their favorite dish as rewards makes them judge other foods as inferior.

    ØDon’t hesitate in consulting a doctor for your child’s nutrition. Enquire the nutritional values of the diet you provide your children with and take a list of untouchables from the doctor. Most importantly take your child for regular check up to keep a track of their health and diet.

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