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The natural benefits of olive leaf extract

by Sam Taylor (writer), , June 02, 2015

?Olive leaf extract, from the leaf of the olive tree is a key source of antioxidants and as such, is thought to be hugely effective in helping to reduce symptoms of colds and flu.

The amount of antioxidants found in it surpasses that found in green tea, which is itself highly regarded as being a rich source. In actual fact, olive leaf extract contains double the amount of antioxidants compared to green tea and 400% more antioxidants than Vitamin C, which is well known as a natural immune system booster.

The history behind olive extract

Olive leaf extract comes from the leaf of olea europaea, or olive tree, which is native to the Mediterranean and Western Asia. It has been used in traditional herbal medicine as a natural remedy for minor ailments such as inflammation and allergies. At a cellular level, olive leaf extract acts as an anti-histamine by blocking H1 receptors which means olive leaf extract can help to lessen a cell’s histamine response.

Olives themselves are both a delicious and extremely healthy food and are a great source of many health benefits that are strongly identified within a Mediterranean diet. This is considered to be one of the healthiest diets in the world, associated with a lower risk of heart disease and strokes as well as healthier bones.

Olive leaf extraction was first thought to be carried out by the Egyptians to mummify their Kings, but the first medical reference to it – in terms of using it as a natural remedy – is from almost 150 years ago in the Pharmaceutical Journal, by Daniel Hanbury.

So why is olive extract so good for us?

According to references noted by medical scientists, Olive leaf from Australia’s extracts, are scientifically proven to contain more than 20 polyphenolic antioxidants. Polyphenols are natural chemicals that help to reduce oxidative stress in the brain, and can help to boost memory with a simple daily dose of olives added to your diet.

One of the main polyphenols naturally occurring in olive leaf extract is oleuropein. Oleuropein is believed to have anti-ageing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. Research shows it can assist in the strengthening of the immune system. Another of the polyphenols is Hydroxytyrosol which is being recognised by scientists for its ability to absorb free-radicals and protect cells from damage. Hydroxytyrosol is also credited with being a natural remedy for osteoporosis patients, can help to reduce cholesterol, helps maintain cardiovascular health and assists in maintaining good eye health.

Olive leaf extract can be used to help maintain general health and wellbeing as it is an anti-viral and can assist in boosting the immune system.

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