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The Benefits of Bilberry

by Sam Taylor (writer), , June 04, 2015

Explore benefits from fruit that give you better longer healthy living.

Going all the way back to World War 2, Bilberry has consistently proven to have health benefits. Pilots would consume bilberry jam to try and improve their vision at night, while there have been several studies analysing the effects since then.

What is bilberry?

Bilberries, not to be confused with blueberries (although the two are closely related), are a low-growing shrub in the genus Vaccinium. They are generally found in the North American wild, or other temperate and subarctic regions within the world.

They are darker than blueberries, typically almost black but with a hint of purple. They are also smaller, but have a stronger taste. As they can be quite difficult to grow, most are gathered from wild bushes that are on publicly-accessible lands.

Throughout history, doctors have prescribed bilberries for a number of different illnesses, from intestinal conditions to inflammation of the mouth. Of course, this was without any medical evidence that showed it actually worked – but it demonstrates the fact that people have long considered the medicinal properties of the bilberry.

Help Your Eyes

As mentioned, bilberry can have a positive effect on your eyes – making them both beautiful and healthy. In terms of the former, it does this by improving the circulation of blood around the eye – specifically tiny vessels within the eye itself – through flavonoid compounds named anthocyanosides.

The health of your eyes can be compromised by free radical damage – but these anthocyanosides will provide additional support to reduce the chances of this happening.

Eye care is generally dependent on blood being delivered to the eye, as it contains important nutrients. Cosmetic products with a focus on eye care typically include bilberry nowadays, while you can also find it in things like tea (it contains no caffeine) and other extracts.

To pick up on the World War 2 anecdote – it is believed that British Royal Air Force pilots were the first to use bilberry as a way to improve their vision. Their air strikes were reportedly delivered with impeccable accuracy after consuming bilberry jam just a few hours earlier.

While research to back-up the idea that bilberry can improve night vision has produced mixed results, there are studies that confirm its usefulness to the eye. For example, we know that it can support the eye during times of fatigue – such as when staring at a computer screen too long, or working in poor light.

If you’re convinced of the benefits that come with consuming bilberries, then discover how Comvita's natural ingredients will give you increased health benefits.

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