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what is Royal Jelly?

by Sam Taylor (writer), , June 02, 2015

Bees are not just known for their exquisite abilities to produce honey.

One of a number of substances we can thank the bees for is Royal Jelly – created by the worker bees in order to feed their queen. This natural ingredient produces a number of different benefits and is available to purchase from in capsule form.

There are many fascinating topics to discuss regarding bees and the things they produce. Here, we’re going to look at exactly what Royal Jelly is, how it is made and what it can do for us as humans – specifically our bodies.

Royal Jelly – What Is It?

Essentially it is a milky yet sticky substances that, as mentioned, is created by worker bees – those that are normally around six to 12 days old. It contains a whole host of substances that are important to the human body, including A, C and E vitamins, amino acids, minerals, hormones and much more.

It can be used as an ingredient in many different health-related products – in many cases it comes in capsules.

How is it made?

As mentioned, worker bees develop the substance when they are just six to 12 days old. It is secreted from the glands of these bees, and is fed to larvae as well as the queen of the colony. Royal Jelly actually plays a hand in deciding who the new queen should be, when the current one has either died or is weakening.

When this occurs, the worker bees will choose a number of larvae in the hive and feed them excessive amount of the substance. This allows them to fully develop ovaries that are needed to lay eggs - and so a suitable queen is chosen.

The effectiveness of royal jelly is highlighted when you consider that the female who can give birth will also live up to 30 times longer than other bees.

The Health Benefits

There have been numerous claims as to what royal jelly can do for your health – some of which appear to have some truth to them, others that don’t. For example, research shows that certain proteins found with royal jelly can have a positive impact on blood pressure.

Cholesterol is another thing that can drop if you implement royal jelly into your diet, according to researchers in Japan. This, in turn, can help reduce the chances of you developing cardiovascular and atherosclerosis issues – such as strokes and heart attacks.

Further Information

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