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Valet? Or Not To Valet?

The history of valet is very little. Valet parking service probably first appeared in America in the 1930's. It was offered in urban areas where parking was scarce such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Yet nowhere did valet parking flourish as well as it did in Los Angeles. Curb-side service quickly became the norm in the city of automobiles. Pictures of Hollywood elite tossing their keys to the friendly valet became an instant 'symbol of status' across the country.
It paints a pretty picture doesn't it? It really does. But that's not the reality of valet parking nowadays. Let's dissect what was mentioned above shall we? Pictures of Hollywood elite tossing their keys to the friendly valet? It's more like throwing their keys to a pissed off valet! It became a status smybol for who? For sure it's not the valet. IT IS CUSTOMARY TO TIP THE VALET! "Get that in your heads people!" It's a bottom of a totem pole job and it's usually a dollar above the minimum wage and not enough to pay the bills or support a family. So a little extra helps for the service that the valet provides for 'you.'
Another thing to remember is that you have to respect and be kind to the valet because the valet you trust is parking your car. Small dings, scratches, and items stolen from your vehicle is a result from lack of respecting your friendly valet.
Don't even think about trying to pick up girls when you're a valet because chances are your not going to score her number or a date for that matter. The uniform of a valet needs a make-over to the extreme code of fashion. A valet doesn't look like America's Top Model or if you're a model you can not make the valet uniform work to your advantage. Girls with the same economic class as a valet won't give them a second look. That's just harsh if you ask me. That's life in the big city or I should say that's life in a big town. (there's no skyscapers in Los Angeles) But what do I know I'm just a friendly valet trying to make a mark in the world or a mark on your car.

Here are some remarks that people have said about valet parkers. Enjoy!

"I've had money and even a pair of walkie talkies stolen from my car, but three years ago, the inevitable happened...the valet pulled out into traffic and got my BMW sideswiped. Insurance company screwed me. Car never did run properly again."

"Nothing ruins your meal quite like the sight of a valet guy sheepishly walking around the corner towards you - without your car!"

"why is it that valet people feel it is necessary to move your seat when they are driving your 30ft? That seriously pisses me off!"

"I avoid valet unless I absolutely have to. I drove around for an hour looking for parking. My friend had to valet and when he got his car he noticed a scratch that wasn't there before. Needless to say he was pissed."

"I avoid them, too. I go to great lengths and walk many blocks to find parking some other way."

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on December 05, 2007 at 11:36 pm
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By Cindy on December 06, 2007 at 12:47 am
I can't afford to valet but I am so looking forward to that "status symbol moment" when I can.
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By Ladymaggic on January 08, 2008 at 05:13 am

I valet when I can..usually when its included in my package, and I am happy to do that.

I seem to have a habit of forgetting where I park my car, and I also do not like going up and down parking area ramps, so am happy to 'toss the keys' to the valet. I do tip too, which makes me popular with valets too.. Grin!! I had a skint working vacations in poorly paid jobs that meant you rely on tips to pay the travel, so I understand.

I also understand that the guy parking your car could be a future star, politician, or even Prime Minister. Have seen that happen too, as many of these people work their way through College too. I have a lot of respect for valets, and love the freedom of knowing my car is being looked after somewhere, and not being broken into in the street.

These days valets are expensive, so people tend not to use them unless someone else is footing the bill, which is a pity.

I really enjoy your style of writing..and the topics are very interesting too. Yes, I do like the valets I have used and known, and wish I had a car to leave with one of them.


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