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How a Web Aggregator Facilitate Insurance in India

by Akanksha Agrawal (writer), Noida, India, May 20, 2015

Compare Health Insurance Plans Through Web Aggregator.

This website was created with an aim to offer transparent and high quality services through advanced technology to advise, simplify, educate, inform and to make insurance industry more accessible across India at large. It is a specialist website in the industry which helps people to acquire the best plans and quotes. This website works well with all insurers throughout the entire country and has the capacity to offer services across segments such as health, life and travel. The site simply makes overall process easier for clients.

In this case, the consumer can get quotes and offers from all insurers, make price comparisons and decide the company to go for. The website will also provide the clients with simplified information in the friendliest interface which enables them understand the daunting field of insurance in a better so that they can make a sound choice. Furthermore, when the consumers know what they want, this website will help them to acquire it easily. There is also a provision for consumers to purchase products from all the concerned companies on-line, through phone or experts who can be sent to meet the consumers.

The website support team and experts are always there to guide the clients in each and every step. How is it done? The website maintains timely updated records of all the particular firms and their products. Once the consumer’s basic information is fed into the system, the website execute complex calculations to get the most appropriate and dependable quotes from various insurers. The system has an advanced search, sophisticated comparison and powerful filter functions provide the consumers with reliable information needed to get the appropriate policies. Generally, it has been a short journey but this Internet Site has already managed to get in touch with insurance seekers living in all parts of the country.

There are various Health policies in India. To compare Health insurance plans in this country, the most popular types of are discussed below:

Individual Health Plan – in this case an individual is covered against different illnesses with cash in hospitalization and some other features.

Family Floater Mediclaim – in this case, all family members can be covered against illnesses using a single cover. This cover provides a specified sum insured for all the family members who can be paid by either an individual member of the family or as the total sum for treating one person.

Surgery and Critical Illness Plan – This is normally bought as a standalone plan for treatment against critical illnesses such as cancer, paralysis, heart attack. Treatment of these diseases is expensive hence the premium will also be higher.

Senior Citizen Health Policy - This provides health protection you from during old age. On the basis of IRDA norms, an insurer is compelled to provide cover to people only up to an age of sixty five years.

How to compare health insurance India: Before going for any health-care plan, analyze the features, the rates, exceptions and provisions of the same insurance products by making comparison. Mediclaim insurers in India provide certain cumulative benefits for every year without claims. Online comparisons tools and website provides a very convenient means for comparing health policies via on-line services offered by various health insurers.

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