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An Introduction to Jericoacoara

by Sam Taylor (writer), , May 23, 2015

When discovering the world, holidays are the perfect opportunity to find hidden cities of the world and finding ways of absorbing the culture and its surroundings can make your experience more joyful.

One of the lesser known areas of Brazil, Jericoacoara is a small fishing village in the Ceará region, primarily known for its water sports and luxurious settings. The latter is personified by its soft, white beaches – which are often confused with snow, such is the brightness in their colour.

While more and more tourists are heading to Jericoacoara every year, it is still relatively quiet and can’t compete with the likes of Rio de Janeiro in terms of extravagance. If you’re looking for a peaceful, Hide & Chic holiday experience nestled in the one of the corners of Brazil – then there can be no better place.

Attractions and Activities

There are a whole host of things to do during your stay, from watching the sun rise and fall from “Sunset Dune” – a daily ritual for the locals – to viewing the bay from the Igreja Church, built from stone by those who live in the village.

As for activities, we mentioned earlier about the water sports. You can go surfing, kitesurfing or kayaking – while there are many land based ventures to undertake too. Go sandboarding on the most glorious of settings, or head out on a dune buggy tour. The options are plentiful.

Food and Restaurants

You’ll find plenty of great places to eat here, or anywhere else in Brazil for that matter. With Jericoacoara being a fishing village, the seafood is particularly good and a very proud tradition of the locals. You will have your pick of great seafood restaurants based right on the beaches.

One to look out for is the Sky Bar E Restaurante, an excellent eatery that specialises in not only seafood dishes – but Italian food too. There’s also live music to keep you entertained, and it’s normally open until at least 2:30am.

Additional Tips

If you are planning on heading to Jericoacoara, and we absolutely think you should, then bear the following pieces of information in mind:

    ·There are NO ATM machines – so either take cash or a credit card. You can use foreign currency too – Euros and Dollars.

    ·Travel time from the airport to Jericoacoara is around four hours in a 4x4 vehicle, or six hours in a bus.

    ·The village has a health centre, but no hospital. The closest hospital is three hours away. There is a pharmacy but stock is limited.

    ·There is no public lighting, so it might be wise to take a torch for the evenings.

    ·Bring strong sun block – the cool breezes can be deceiving, you’re likely to be burned without a high SPF.


Temperatures are normally around 29-35 degrees Celsius throughout the year. If you want wind, it’s best to go anytime between July and December. Rainy season is February – May.

Whatever time you decide to go, we’d recommend you stay at the Luxury ChiliBeach Hotel It’s the perfect spot for anyone looking for a luxurious, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable stay.

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