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How to Include the Internet in your Teaching Style

by Dan Radak (writer), , May 14, 2015

Internet in classroom

Innovations are often looked at in a suspicious way.

Innovations are often looked at in a suspicious way. Although the Internet as we know and use it today has been with us for more than a decade (let's forget about the dial-up period), we can still hear comments and complaints that children use computers and gadgets too much. Members of the web opposition claim that kids waste time surfing the web instead of learning. Well, guess what – the age of online learning has come and teachers have should utilize it.

Adapt your attitude

For younger teachers, the process of adaptation to new technologies is almost non-existent. The young teachers of today grew up using Commodore and Pentiums, so they are at least as skillful as their students at dealing with computers. However, older generations might have difficulties in finding their way of getting used to tech-related teaching trends. The key factor in mastering modern teaching skills is being ready to adapt to new circumstances and learn about the technologies of today. Only the ones who modify their methods will be able to understand millennial students and open them the door to knowledge.

Teachers as information-filters

The main change in the school system of today is that teachers are not the sole source of information anymore. Thirty years ago, students were still dependant on their teachers and books when it comes to access to relevant facts. Nowadays, on the other hand, they should not insist that they are the only ones who should be listened to, but rather do their best to teach the students how to look for relevant information on the net. Also, it is a fact that today professors cannot cope with the whole load of important data that is offered online. To make their work easier, they should always ask fellow librarians to help both them and their students.

The era of numbers

Since this period of history is definitely governed by numbers, it would be smart to include math and Internet sources in as many situations and subjects as possible. For instance, if a geography teacher is planning to present his/her students a unit about time zones and the English teacher in the same school has a unit dealing with similar matter, they could join forces with the math teacher and organize a unique class with a correlation for these three subjects. If any of them might need help in planning such class, they can always use the help of mathematics explained for primary teachers. Such web places can offer fast and efficient assistance to teachers today.

Internet-shared tasks

While professors and tutors should avoid connecting with their students through popular social media, there are special social networks, aimed at learning. Teachers who use them will have more opportunities to give their students additional material and special tasks, in accordance with their specific needs. Teaching in mixed-ability classes is one of the most obvious drawbacks of common schools. However, with the use of new online tools, professors can actually choose materials to suit students of different levels. It will give their work a touch of individual approach, which will result in better feedback from students and, eventually, a more effective work outcome.

Children might be using the Internet for pointless purposes. But they are only kids and somebody needs to direct them to useful sources of information and knowledge. It might not stick to every single student, but the majority will react to your efforts and including the net in your teaching work will make their learning easier and much faster.

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Dan Radak is a Web Hosting security professional, with ten-year experience. He collaborates with a number of companies in the field of online security. Currently, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. Lately interested in web design. In his free time he makes beer at his home or fishing.
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