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Choosing a WordPress Theme

by Sam Taylor (writer), , May 16, 2015

Whether you have a new website, paying too much for hosting or wish to find a safer platform provider, doing your research is a crucial part of ensuring you know what you are paying for.

So you’ve purchased a domain name, set up your blog and now it’s time to decorate it in a way that is unique to you. The great thing about WordPress is how customisable it is – you can literally have it looking any way you want – but when there are so many options it’s difficult to make a decision.

The purpose of this particular blog is to help you make that decision. We’ll look through all the different aspects when considering a WordPress theme, in order to find one that is suited perfectly to your needs.

Free vs. Premium

First of all, you need to decide whether or not you are willing to spend real cash to make your blog look good. The more you spend, the better the theme is likely to be, naturally. You can either buy a theme outright or sign-up to a monthly service while you’ll be given access to multiple designs.

Free themes can be a good choice – especially if you’re not looking for anything overly-fancy. Just be aware that, because it doesn’t cost anything, there are likely to be other bloggers using that theme (although you can customise to an extent), and you won’t get the developers support as you would if you purchased a premium theme.

Text and Images

Is your site likely to be image heavy? Perhaps if you’re a photographer, and want to show off your latest work, then this might be the way to go. Medical journals, however, will be more text based and so this should reflect in the theme.

If written content is the most important aspect of your blog, then you don’t want loads of fancy colours distracting your readers. Choose something more sensible. Not necessarily boring, but something that will place the emphasis on the content.

Colour Schemes

When it comes to colour, a lot of it is down to personal preference – it is your blog after all. But you should also think about what your blog is for – what does it do and who does it help? A serious news blog isn’t going to fit well with bright, flashy colours – whereas if you have a funny topic then a dull grey will certainly bring the mood down.

That being said – it’s important that you’re comfortable and you’re confident that your tastes will be similar to those of your readers. Have a look around at competitor blogs and see what they’re doing – just make sure not to replicate any one blog too much.


Over the past few years, WordPress themes have started being developed with all sorts of intricate new features. It’s tempting to try to implement all the latest gadgets – it may even gain you a few new readers – but there needs to be a certain amount of simplicity so that users don’t get confused.

The users experience is the most important thing. If they can’t navigate and work the blog in an easy way, then they’ll head somewhere else. Online visitors don’t have a lot of patience, so don’t mess up your chance to gain new readers by over-complicating things.

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