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Effective Ways to Make Money Flipping Expired Domains

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Make Money Flipping Expired Domains

Let’s start by defining some terms. Expired domains are those that are no longer in use or whose domain registration has not been renewed, while flipping means purchasing the domain

So, what exactly does flipping expired domains mean, and how does one make money doing it? If you have asked this question before, you are not alone. While we hear of people boasting of making a living flipping domains, many of us do not know exactly what that means.

Let’s start by defining some terms. Expired domains are those that are no longer in use or whose domain registration has not been renewed, while flipping means purchasing the domain and reselling it for a profit. The concept behind making money flipping expired domains is as simple as that.

You might think there is something wrong with domains left to expire by its owners, and this can make you wary about picking them up. There are a number of reasons people allow their domains to expire. One could be that after trying and failing to make the website associated with the domain profitable, the owners could have decided to let it go, leaving the site and allowing its domain to expire.

It could also be that they are letting go of some websites they can no longer attend to, or they realized they don’t really need all those domains. In many cases, people forget or even neglect to renew their domain registration.

You can do your research & find all quality domains from But before you go out and buy all the expired domains you can find to resell for a profit, you need to know that you can only make money from domains that still have value, and that value is the Web traffic it still generates from its existing links on the internet.

Domain names that have popular and relevant keywords get more traffic than others, so conduct some keyword research and find out which domains still have value that you can capitalize on. Those with a unique identity can also attract a lot of traffic as it will stand out from the countless domains one can find on the internet.

Everyday domains expire and become available once again in the open market; if you’re in the business of flipping expired domains you need to quickly find these newly-expired domains to resell. Time is of the essence because recently expired domains will still have active traffic compared to those that have been expired for a longer time. An older expired URL gets less traffic because people regularly update their links and bookmarks and expired links will soon be out of the picture.

It’s going to be difficult to choose from thousands of expired domains, and there are reportedly 30,000 domains expiring every day. The first thing you can do is to look at the age of the domain and how long it has been expired. You also need to check its Google rank to see how relevant it is. You can also sort them according to niches, choosing domains that contain keywords related to your chosen niches.

Top level domains, those that end with dot com, tend to be easier and more profitable to sell. The length of the domain name will also come into play; choose ones that are short and easier for anyone to remember. Speaking of names, stay away from domain names with figures as these will be a bit difficult to sell due to a limited number of people that might be interested in it.

When you have acquired an expired domain, see what type of content its original website hosted and if the old links to the domain have been getting clicks from the right kind of people. If those clicking on those links were not interested on what the site had to offer, more often than not they would have deleted the bookmark or link and that means loss of traffic. As mentioned before, traffic is what gives value to the domain.

When you have finally selected an expired domain to purchase, sign them up with a domain name provider for registration, choosing one that has a fast domain transfer facility. Look for providers that will not cost you an arm and leg; you end up making a bigger margin later if you pay less for the registration.

Although we are talking about selling expired domains, it pays to keep the domain you acquire for a while if it is still popular and continues to generate a lot of traffic. You can make money off it by creating a website using the domain name and placing Google AdSense ads in it. But if making websites is not your cup of tea, there is no need to hold on, so go ahead and sell it.

When selling the expired domains, you can list it in forums, merchant sites; classified ad sites or directories found in the Web, or take the more travelled route of flipping it on eBay using their auction format to get more potential buyers.

Making money flipping expired domains entails only a minimal investment with very little risks. You can buy expired domains for as low as $10, and resell it to as much as $60 to $70. That means recouping your initial investment several folds. From there it’s simply a matter of rinse and repeat.

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