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The Effects of Sodium, Nitrites and Monosodium glutamate

by grafkristine (writer), , April 26, 2015

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Monosodium glutamate or MSG as we know it is one of the components making up junk food flavoring.

Sitting in front of your computer one hand on the controls and the other one ready to grab on to another handful of chip, this is a typical image of teens, nowadays. What is it exactly that makes people so addicted to junk food? Everyone knows full well the horrible effects these chips and sodas can cause our bodies but there’s just this something that makes it so good that we can’t have enough of it.

Monosodium glutamate or MSG as we know it is one of the components making up junk food flavoring. It is one of the 125 food ingredients that shouldn’t even be used. In addition to MSG, Sodium and Nitrites are chemicals that breakdown our healthy make-up and weaken it entirely. The thing is, these chemicals lets our body produce a chemical known as Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released and read by the brain and body as something pleasurable. Fruits, vegetables and meat produce a moderate amount of dopamine but junk food gives you a massive amount of this chemical making you love and enjoy junk food so much it can even be addicting.

People invent ways of eating healthy while enjoying these healthy snacks just as much as we enjoy junk food. You can now find organic snacks all ready and packed up for consumption; but in order to make sure that you’re getting the most of those healthy snacks, you should choose food items that actually contain natural products like all natural beef jerky.

All natural beef jerky is one of the healthiest alternatives in getting nutrients like protein. Organic beef jerky contains no sodium— the chemical make-up of salt. Since sodium is a drying agent, it causes multiple health risks like causing kidney stones and gall bladder stones clogging up vital enzymes that helps our body. Sodium free beef jerky is a snack healthy enough for you packed with flavor with lesser amount of MSG. Monosodium glutamate, the most common, flavor enhancing agent may be one of the strongest chemicals that produce dopamine and directly targets the brain function. It is a major cancer-causing agent that adults cannot completely tolerate. Removing MSG in your diet entirely will give that healthy life extension you’ve always been wanting.

Sodium free beef jerky is a healthy snack free of nitrites as well. Nitrite is a chemical we barely take notice of. In its basic nitrite form, it has incredibly high toxic potential that can damage our internal organs. This is a chemical that is used in cleaning agents— we don’t want that inside our system now, do we? All natural beef jerky is free of sodium (in many of its dangerous forms), nitrites and especially msg. Organic beef jerky is made out of real preserved beef that is dried and flavored. The msg-reduced flavoring component used in making all natural beef jerky giving you that pleasurable taste you get from junk food— only, it is way healthier.

To reduce your chances of getting cancer, brain-function-altering chemicals and organ damage, choose a healthier alternative. Choose to add organic beef jerky in your diet instead.

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