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How Latest Education Systems are Making the World Better

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Over the years the educational system has undergone the drastic change.

The traditional brick and mortar method of theoretical and classroom education has been enveloped by modern practical and project based learning.

Innovations and latest developments have paved way for better educational systems. Smart boards, computers, projectors have become part and parcel of the education system. With these state of art gadgets all the concepts are well explained to the students in much clearer manner. Such gadgets showcase the topic with clarity and students can relate and understand the subject with perfection as one time seeing is equal to ten times reading.

Latest educational systems are Architected in tune with the growing demand of the job market both in house and overseas. The program is weaved in such a manner that modern job expectations are fulfilled and also new innovative ideas are developed. This enables the students to get adjusted to the new challenges in the economy and the job scenario positively and in a much optimistic manner.

As mentioned earlier theoretical based learning has taken shape of theme based learning and project based learning. Under theme based learning which is undertaken at the primary stage the students are given a particular theme and the topics related to that theme are taught step by step with examples enabling the students to understand the theme perfectly. Theme based learning enables the students to get in depth idea of the theme in question and this is possible as themes are introduced to the students step by step enabling the students to understand the concept easily.

Theme based learning develops the creative, thinking and concentration aspect on the part of the students. With themes at the center, the students are given the opportunity to think logically all the pros and cons of the theme thus enhancing the thinking and intellectual power. Such learning moulds the decision making power of the students who can make correct decisions in future in any field of work.

Next comes the project based learning which is introduced at higher levels of schooling. Under this aspect the students are made to learn about the particular concept based on the projects. Project work is given to the students about a particular topic wherein the students do in depth analysis of the topic and chalk out their findings. Project based learning develops the creative aspect of the students, gives shape to the innovative ideas and paves way for emergence of scientific thoughts in the minds of the students. Such learning aids the students to get hands on ideas of the project and develops confidence in their minds about transpiring the projects successfully and in the given stipulated time.

Modern educational system has made the world better place to live in and thanks to modern outlook and out of the box learning aids. Students are made to understand the concepts deeply and clearly.

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By riginal on April 24, 2015 at 09:57 am

With all due respect Rishi, if what you say and obviously believe in, were come the plethora of students of all ilks (taking into account this site as the average norm? :>)) then why is there an overwhelming flood of students begging practically for essay write to salve their demand because they seem too busy to be bothered taking it upon themselves to use their own initiative. Everytime when questioned, the people promoting this "modern education is superior" they never ever respond to the question, "why is English so distorted,convoluted,and plain stuffed up in this modern era? And continues unabated? Read some of the posts and tell me i'm wrong. Particularly the comments? English is from Mars and students concentrating on which e service to choose? Is advanced education the art of procurement pertaining to 'pay by essay' advancement? It is a conundrum none seem to be able to answer. The art of 'flog' is alive and well and yes those plastic build kids things are impressive but the way things are heading it's a wonder the busy parents don't employ a 'tutor' to guide the kids through it. Give them a sand bucket and spade but this modern education system would probably desire the bucket to be filled for them. One day in the future someone might say "how many e writers does it take to screw in a student essay?" Don't get me wrong we all make mistakes but in days of yore it was your 'own' mistake in English. If i'm not mistaken blemish free 'purchased' essays don't require the student involved to be connected in cognitive. I often refused to 'help' with my kid's school projects and essays but gave them encouragement to think for themselves and only as a last resort would i reluctantly step in. Yes, there is a lot of future change in education for the better. Great...some not so great. Do you take this education system for better or worse? Richer or poorer until perhaps one day in the near future a 3D student will suddenly take over and this would then allow more free time? Only kidding it will never happen. Funny thing though. My son's two year-old is a whiz at operating an electric window in a car...the other day he looked perplexed when presented with a manual winder. He learns quick and in no time enjoyed the manual winding. Bit like the bucket and spade simile? You can't stop the future but i believe tried and true foundations of past education can be applied such as applying your own personal stamp on the letter of education instead of a 'paid' tutor to apply it for you. Post haste? Where therefore should the line be drawn in the DIY sand? :>)

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By Mujahid Rajab on May 04, 2015 at 08:59 am

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By jack kevin on August 22, 2015 at 02:19 am

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