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The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality

by Yvonne Wu (writer), , April 24, 2015

The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality with Gahan Hanmer. Gahan talks about the inspiration behind writing his book and he discusses his passion for the arts.

People have asked me what is my greatest fear as a writer. My response has always been I avoid giving house room to any kind of fear any longer than it takes to analyze it, discredit it, and send it packing. Any wisdom circle will tell you that fear is a useless aberration that can actually serve to attract whatever a person is fearful of. They were shocked with my answer.

This is not your typical book. In my book "The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality” You will learn that the medieval world was entirely complete and contained everything essential for a healthy, happy life, and that we need to reconsider the exorbitant price we have paid for the creation of the modern world.

The main character of the story is Jack Darcey – actor, wanderer, and ex-competitive fencer – and we follow the action of his perilous adventure. His personality is very similar to mine though he is a better fencer and a more adept horseman.

Albert Keane created the kingdom itself, in his spirit being a person of generosity and moral courage. The kingdom undergoes its own perilous adventure in the face of the machinations of Lord Hawke.

Albert Keane wanted to create a little kingdom in the wilderness of Canada that resembled the middle ages and to a large extent he succeeded. What the title of The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality is suggesting is that we need to examine closely what we may think we are stuck with because other alternatives really do exist.This is a world of infinite possibilities and we are not truly stuck with anything unless we are convinced we are.

Working in the theater involved a lot of travel and while I was in the theater I had to support myself most of the time with other work because there is very little money to be made in the theater. Sometimes I built scenery when I wasn’t acting and directing, and that eventually turned me into a skilled and imaginative carpenter.

I fenced a bit as a boy I was an exceptional stage duelist and stage dueling teacher, having been trained by Rod Colbin, an actor and Olympic fencer, who developed a system for creating a frighteningly realistic stage duel with no danger to the actors. When I perform duels that I’ve staged, I’m not surprised if the audience has turned white, and to hear that they thought the actors had lost their temper

and really meant to kill each other. A stage duel in the Rod Colbin system is a combination of sleight of hand where things are not what they seem to be, and also good acting. And as I said, it is a completely safe system, whereas many serious injuries and even deaths have occurred from sloppy stage duels. In another important sense, my approach to stage dueling is that stage violence is not supposed to be decorative or entertaining but rather ought to be frightening and repulsive – the way real violence invariably is. I have taken the same approach to violence in my novel.

My role as an artist in the modern world is that I feel that I am responsible for producing something morally grounded, spiritually uplifting, or just useful to society in some practical way. At the present time what we are seeing mostly exploitation of sex in all the media, and a absolutely ghoulish fascination with violence, which is clearly to blame for the exponential rise in school shootings and other massacres.

The real artist who takes responsibility for what he is producing is in a small minority but I believe he has a cleaner conscience, and that is not a small thing to have. I also believe that it is terribly important to any individual to be in attunement with a Power that is gentle, loving, generous and positive.

This book is for teens and adults who love medieval times and fantasy books.

Born into a family of actors and painters, Gahan Hanmer naturally gravitated toward the arts. He speaks French and Spanish and has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University.The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality is available at and

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By Yvonne Wu on May 15, 2015 at 06:17 pm

Geat book.

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By Yvonne Wu on May 15, 2015 at 06:18 pm

This is a really good fantasy book!

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By Randywmcla on July 15, 2015 at 01:14 am

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