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Ideas on a Budget: Have fun Landscaping

by DianaSmith (writer), Melbourne, VIC, April 23, 2015

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How to improve your backyard on a low budget

Decorating a garden can be a pretty expensive endeavor but it's not impossible to do some landscaping on a tiny budget. Even though manipulating your money can be a bit tricky, with the right tricks up your sleeve and a good focus, you'll get there.

Now, we are going to make this journey easier on you and give you some good advice on how to handle the whole landscaping thing.

Follow these instructions and you'll have fun with your landscaping while at the same time achieving amazing results!

The budget

Since you are limited money-wise you need to be aware how much money you can actually spend. Don't think you'll find the way to manage if you “just add this...” or “just add that...”. You need to be clear on how much you can spend, so that you know which landscaping direction to take.

Where and How

After you have determined your budget, it's time you decided where and how you'll be spending it. Browse online what local stores you may visit, what costs you'll be needing to deal with, go around the market and see whether they have stuff to offer.

Find/hire a consultant

Depending on what your end goal is, you should know exactly what you'll do about it. Even though it may sound like a bit budget bust, hiring a consultant on landscaping may not be such a bad idea. Or, you can always talk to a friend who is experienced in the field. Anyway, there are questions you need to ask both yourself and your consultant in order to get somewhere:

- Are you starting from scratch with a whole new look or improving an existing landscape design?

- Are you landscaping your entire property or a front/back yard?

- Once you install your landscaping, how much maintenance will be required?

- Are you choosing a huge project such as building a vegetable garden in a raised bed, or are you going for something smaller like fixing up a small area or project such as installing a few beds with edging?

Once you have clear answers on these questions, you'll know exactly what materials to use and what plants you'll need.

Rely on simple improvements

The most effective way to get a new look without overspending is to invest in simple improvements to your existing landscaping. No matter how much you wish for the extravagant scenarios for your yard, you need to be practical here. Start small and then build up as your budget increases.

Here's an idea that has worked so far:

Take a photo of your back yard, front yard and/or other space you’d like to landscape. Then, look at the photo. Think about which part of the yard looks the best – and why? Why do you think some parts look terrible? Think about ways you'd change them. Try to visualize a change and once you do, you are already once step closer to the actual goal.

Make a list of priorities by asking yourself important landscaping questions:

·Are shrubs and trees trimmed appropriately?

·Is the grass full of weeds or dead?

·Are the flowerbeds neatly edged or messy?

·Are your pavers okay or do they need replacement? If yes, would you go with cheap pavers or opt for something more expensive and why?

To determine just how far your money will go, consult a pro for an estimate.

Plants with a bang

No, not literally with a bang, but a visual one. Since you are on a budget, go for the most affordable yet the coolest options possible. We'd advise choosing plants that give you more bang for your buck. For instance, even though a boxwood hedge may seem a tad boring, this evergreen could provide the clean lines your yard needs.

Then, roses with brightly colored blooms are virtually maintenance free and work almost anywhere in a yard and they are a pretty good option. As for annuals, they tend to be costly and require replacement seasonally. However, there are plenty of gorgeous perennials that can be planted or started from clippings.

No matter how impatient you are to see your yard all set in a week, try to loosen up a bit and let the nature (and your bank account) take its course. Due to budget restrictions, realize it will take some time until your yard looks just the way you hoped it would. In the mean time, have fun landscaping!

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