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How to Get Impressive but Inexpensive Watch

by Dan Radak (writer), , April 20, 2015


Having a watch is still trendy and everybody should have one, especially if you are and adult businessperson. However, stay focused and rational and go for inexpensive, but handy watches.

It is always good to know the precise time at every moment in your life. First of all, the whole society is organized around time, like some old tribe around a pyre. Minutes and hours are definitely the cult of this period of history. After all, we even have a saying 'Time is money'. Although today we have many gadgets that can tell us time, wearing a watch still has its advantages.

Define the purpose of each watch

Instead of immediate switching to the sole process of purchase, every watch buyer should decide what the purpose of his or her watch is. A lot of people have more than one watch, so that they are able to wear different watches to different occasion. By creating your set of watch-related priorities, your purchase decisions will be made in a much more rational way. For instance, a watch that you will wear to a picnic in the woods or to vacation at the sea should not exceed $150 or $200. Even if it gets damaged, you the overall expense will not be too high. On the other hand, economical buys in that range will leave you more space and money for a couple of classy watches.

With a little help from your people

Watches are tricky devices and if they are not treated in a proper way, their price could vary significantly. They could be compared to cars in that sense. And what do you do first when you decide to buy a car? You ask your relatives and friends if they know about any soon-to-be-sold cars in their surroundings. The same strategy should be applied when you want to buy a watch. There might be people who have second-hand, but high-quality watches that they would like to sell. If you want to get cool vintage timepieces, they can be purchased at several times lower prices from ordinary people. Young people who are not that much into watches often inherit interesting pieces and decide to sell them at quite popular prices, not knowing what they are selling. Finding out about such deals in your closest social vicinity could get you a great and inexpensive watch.

Buy your time online

The buyers who do not want to expose themselves to risks are eager to know the complete history of a watch. If you are one of them, but still want to dodge the skin-ripping shiny boutiques, then online purchasing is the right choice for you. Luckily, more and more best-watch-selling websites are emerging and that fact forces them to increase the level of their services. For instance, MVMT have a richly equipped site. In their About us part you can find out from the our story section about their tradition and their watch business attitudes. Buying a timepiece online will save you money and you will not have to roam around boutiques, desperately looking for your perfect watch.

What movement pays off more?

If you are a real watch enthusiast, you will know that your sort of timepiece fans would hardly consider buying anything else apart from a watch with a mechanical movement. This is an old-school type of movement and it can be either automatic movement or manual movement, the first meaning that energy is gained from the energy generated from the movements of your wrist and the second needing regular manual winding. However, people who need a watch that will tell them time and not serve as a status symbol will be just fine with the quartz movement, which gets energy from a battery.

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