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Opening Lots of Career Doors – Good Writing Skills Will Help

You may be “blowing off” your English comp courses in college – big mistake! You may not realize, how important writing skills are to every profession.

You may be “blowing off” your English comp courses in college – big mistake! You may not realize, as you are making your way through college, how important writing skills are to almost every profession on the planet. People who write well engender confidence and respect on the part of their superiors, colleagues, and, perhaps more important, customers and clients. People who can’t write well lose respect, no matter how talented they may be. And, for those who are good at writing, there are career opportunities like never before!

Writing in Non-Writing Professions

Sit up and take notice. In virtually all “non-writing” career fields, some form of writing will be required, and poor writing skills will cause misunderstandings and embarrassment. Consider the following:

    1.An accountant just crunches numbers, right? Wrong. Audits all have a prose section, and that prose section must be written well if superiors and clients are to feel comfortable about that accountant’s work.

    2.Engineers just work with math formulas and blueprints, right? Wrong. They must communicate, in writing, with company executives, colleagues and clients.

    3.Architects must write proposals to accompany their drawings and blueprints

    4.IT specialists must write up explanations, manuals, and guides

    5.Anyone in sales and marketing will be writing proposals, emails, and letters

    6.Business executives will be writing reports, white papers, and memoranda.

    7.Researchers must write up their findings for publication in professional journals.

Developing decent writing skills while you are in college will save you having to take additional coursework or training after you have begun your career. As well, you will be seen as a greater asset when you can be “pulled in” and asked to write or re-write and important piece that must be “published” and sent out. Being a good writer just adds value to your organization.

Opening Doors for Careers in Writing

More than ever before, careers in writing are growing rapidly, and the demand for good writers is increasing almost exponentially. Consider the many opportunities that writers have today.

    1.Journalism: Yes, traditional print media is on the decline, but print journalism is not. It has simply moved online. Every major newspaper relies on its online version for subscriptions, advertising, etc., and it is happy to employ writers who work remotely on a contract basis. This saves the corporation a huge amount of overhead cost, and allows greater diversity of contributors. In addition to major newspapers, there are a huge and growing number of online news organizations that use contracted writers and pay them quite well. The contractors, as well, have the benefit of working without commutes and scheduling their own time accordingly. It’s a freedom in this profession that has never existed before. And aspiring journalists can submit articles to these news outlets, who pay well for great content, creatively crafted.

    2.Authorship: Hardcover and paperback books are on their way out, just as are traditional agents and publishing companies. Aspiring authors can find online publishers who will accept their works and market e-versions (with translations) all over the world. It is an extremely cheap method of publication, so these publishers are more than willing to take a chance on an “unknown.”

    3.Copywriting: Writing web content is probably the fastest-growing career for writers. There is a high demand for good writers who can write website content, can create exceptional and engaging articles, blog posts, and social media accounts/profiles, and who can help busy entrepreneurs develop relationships with customers and improve their brand recognition. While many companies employ full-time copywriters and content marketers, just as many contract these services out, so a good copywriter has great choices, dependent upon his/her personal preference for work environment. Many talented copywriters create their own blogs, spread the word, invite guest bloggers for pay, and grow entire businesses from selling advertising on those blogs.

    4.Ghostwriting: Remember all those students who “blew off” their English courses? Well, now they need ghostwriters so they won’t be embarrassed. And here you are – ready to step in! The pay is good, it’s a great job for anyone with a passion for writing, and it allows working on your own schedule, as long as you can meet client deadlines. Jobs in this arena usually come by “word of mouth,” so expect your reputation to grow slowly, over time. And ghostwriters who get the big projects, like memoirs, are paid really well.

    5.Editing: Students in graduate school, writing their theses and dissertations, need people to review and edit their writing; students writing admissions and scholarship essays need professionals who can make their writing “pop.” Many authors take on these tasks part-time as they are waiting on royalties to begin rolling in.

    6.Tutoring: Here’s another great part-time opportunity for those who want to supplement their incomes. Good writing tutors can earn up to $40 an hour in some parts of the country, and there is a rather steady call for them during the school year.

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By riginal on April 20, 2015 at 09:15 am

Laura, opening the write education doors as opposed to opening "duh doors?" seems reasonable. If you read some of the disturbing tripe ad hawker's verbatim spruiking dissertations for example you'll get the drift. Increasing majority of students seemingly will pay any amount to get to their dream job via scammers willing to go the full monty for them. Thus they can 'passenger' seat accept the accolades for not a smidgin of input. A disturbing trend/plague permeateing our whole society of education. The easy out. Too lazy to get off their individual buns. Essay "we'll do it all" tentacles strangling individualism running rampant in the world of "write for me me no got time!" My son is excellent at English and is on the lower monetary food chain as opposed to his many superiors driving BMW's and earning the big buck. He's forever writing/re righting? their wrongs and gets little thanks. That's where many of the newbies are heading. Australian universities are having a red hot go at stamping bogus essay hoons out after the quick buck. Same as fly by nighters selling cheap garbage purporting to be companies etc. Do you remember a time when cheating at school was frowned upon resulting in 'fail' in English? Today's writer site opportunistic net 'fishermen' and 'women' cast their nets far and wide to haul in their share of suckers. Rather like false licences to drive- for a price. But that doesn't enable a person to jump into a car and drive. Rather than get taught by a responsible driver before entering a freeway? Hopefully the sham CEO that flukes the position can delegate someone to correct their English shortcomings like my son is obligated to do? It's one thing to correct a student's OWN work and offer constructive advice as opposed to actually 'driving' the essay so to speak and the student steers a little bit then jumps out and proclaims "me just steer money here, i pay you to drive another essay for i." Is that what education's English gearbox is shifting down to? Sorry, some students prefer 'auto essay pilot.' Maybe it's a knee jerk reaction opinion? Once the CEO reaches a certain level of salary they can afford to be driven around? And i'll wager you'll get a few comments by competitive essay pundits very shortly. Their English, proof of why your post should be read and adhered to within the realms of pulling a dictionary out possibly on their Ipods in between twaddling and tweeting for a bargain basement price on an essay driven by an all too willing 'Dr. Do it all' whilst the student puts on the 'Dr. Dolittle myself' blindfold, obscuring their vision of helping themselves? It's all fun though i guess if you can afford to fill the 'essay' tank?:>)

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By riginal on April 20, 2015 at 09:31 am

Though i must admit some of the Chinese interpreters who translate how to put something together do slip through the net. "screw here holding nut...if you no understand scratch nut You be okay you have 12 mirth garage tee, you no worry. If missing screw screw you. Australians open box and pinching!" Only kidding. I ring number on box and voice say, "Aussie pincher, get screw from other box like other pincher do!" They do do that. Have you? :>)

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By Laura Callisen on April 21, 2015 at 02:31 am

Hello Riginal, Thank you for the response to my post! In fact I don't mean that good writing skills are the only way to the dream job and moreover that writing skills could be different either you have excellent gramatics or amazing talent of putting your ideas to the reader's mind. I agree with you that top managers might not forget about proper writing but one more thing for everyone who is eager to be successful- write not only correct papers but clever!

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By riginal on April 21, 2015 at 06:48 am

Laura i think this whole media essay circus is a write riot.If you're looking for 'clever' when appraising most of the comments which in themselves are nothing more than a thinly disguised literary trumpet to blow here regarding 'ad' posts, then you'll have to wait a long long time for anything approaching clever i fear.:>) The problem being as i alluded,more than a few students are so blatant here they make no attempt to even read posts. Rudeness has replaced thought provocation. For example the ubiquitous "amazing post" drone is followed by a 'replica' sales pitch of vinyl bags, junk watches, and just about anything BUT pertaining to the post they have latched limpet- like on to the mother ship. Sad state of affairs needing an urgent 'spam' removal overhaul. Read for example some of the 'reviewing'. Not remotely akin to anything but spam writer comments? Let me know what you think. The fact that your post hasn't been piggy- backed by spruikers touting and vying for students to log on to 'their' essay sites which is indeed the height of spam bad manners- amazes me, but the height of crass seems to have no pinnacle when not checked by spam removalists. Maybe the overloaded 'spam' truck got a puncture after running over one too many www. 'flog' rocks popping up? There is no attempt to tell a story in their own words. Just a cyclonic wind of peppering ads. Mind numbing. I think your articulation in presenting what should be prime objectives to achieve some sort of legible English, requiring them to use their OWN ideas, may have scared the WWW. brigade off temporarily, i fear! But the many headed creature of ad habit will rise to face this new threat. Commonsense steps like perhaps joining an E class or even aquiring tutoring 'minimum help' for a modest fee ONCE the first step of 'crawl before you walk' down the aisle of English expression is partaken of. A 'necessary' procedure some avoid at all costs? If you happen pon a 'clever' thoughtful observation please pass it around to the bewildered. Me included. To project an idea of one's own using reasonable English, the essay Trojan horse full of "we'll do it all for you just open the trapdoor," surely must be tethered to allow student's minds to sentence graze and appraise using their own mental tools to stimulate. Could be a good start don't you think? Only my opinion. Could be wrong. Perhaps 'i robot essay papers paid for' is the new beginning of the end of individual thought? Thank's for replying. I remember at school the girl next to me always got one hundred per cent in her answers to mathematical etc. The teacher used to let his young class tick their own answers as a matter of cognitive responsibility. One day the teacher stood behind this girl busily ticking her neat answers. Problem was many of the answers she ticked right, were in fact wrong, upon inspection. Maybe this type of behavior was the lead-up to the advent of mildly sophisticated spam. For instance some comments appear legite. Free of ad. But now the is hidden ANYWHERE in the sentence! Education evolution cunning? Never mind, it's all fun. Cheating can be dressed up i guess but can that dressage make a 'silk essay purse' out of a sow's ear? Never mind. Youth affords one the time to blur the line of respect for oneself i guess, when you can't be bothered. On the other hand look how many CEO's get caught with their 'conjuring' hand in the monetary cookie jar of cheat! Cheers. Have a great day, don't worry...cheat happy? :>)

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By Robert99 on April 29, 2015 at 05:02 am

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By riginal on May 07, 2015 at 03:52 am

yep 99...but why use essay writers to converse for you when students can use their own verbatim; have a brain to engage, and therefore in doing so delete the middle essay man? May as well employ a 'medium' to talk for you likewise these mediums who contact the 'other side'...for a fee of course. Fee fi fo fum i smell an English essay sum...of money? Laura Robert 99 is trying to flog his company over your essay service, Is Robert's essay service better than yours, could you explain why? Or are you both from the same company? Confusing. Perhaps a 'medium' essay service should be employed from the 'other side' to sort it? Cheers...:>)

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