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Affordable DIY Ideas for your Home

by DianaSmith (writer), Melbourne, VIC, April 13, 2015

DIY project

Easy tips on how to make your own home furniture

DIY approach can bring interesting results when it comes to house decoration. If you are handy, there are practically no boundaries when it comes to the amount and type of work you can do yourself. That is, if you have the required tools and funds, both of which can be significant limitation factors. However, very often it skillful hands and a good idea bring surprising results and this is what we are going to cover today. Therefore, enjoy our selection of affordable DIY ideas any home can make use of.

Refresh your walls

The best way to give your home a new outlook is to start with the basics. If you set a proper foundation anything else you do later will go smoother and have a greater effect. To paint the walls yourself you need a couple of items, paint, brushes and rollers and nylon to cover the furniture and floor in order not to mess it up. Take this opportunity to give your rooms a different character. A lot had been said on the influence colors have on our mood and home atmosphere in general. Make sure you familiarize with it before making your final color choice. You can practically have any shade imaginable, mixed at the appropriate store near use. When you have that settled, remove all existing paint, and start applying new one. When finished, allow sufficient time for paint to dry before putting furniture and any on the wall artwork you may have.

Lacquer your furniture

The same procedure applies here as well. Also, take the opportunity and make interesting contrasts to your wall color if you wish to achieve dynamics. Otherwise, blend to make soothing effect. If you have the proper tools, you could make new items. For example, a one leg square top night table or flower stand is fairly easy to make. You need a square board that can be bought practically at any woodwork store and a round tube that would be used as a leg. Fix it at the crossing point of square top’s diagonals and your table is ready.


Now that you have your fundamentals renewed, consider adding useful items, such as bookshelves. One can never have enough of those and they are rather easy to make. Play with shapes. A triangular bookshelf gives interesting dimension to any walls, so do single floating ones. When it comes to triangular ones, isosceles are the easiest to make. You need to equal boards and one more to connect them. Single floating ones are even simpler. However, when you hang them on the walls make sure you use screws adequate to the weight you wish to put on them. Going a step up is always a safe approach.


You will be surprised how a decluttered home changes the appearance of any room and the atmosphere in general. However, we always seem to lack space to put the stuff we do not use on regular basis. Luckily, there are DIY solutions for this problem too. For example, giving plastic crates a new purpose is one that is very easily implementable and which can completely change the atmosphere as well. For example, old beer or milk crates can be easily converted into containers for you records or magazine collections. Painted in lively color they can become a unique center piece of your living room or music room, if you are blessed with owning one.

Improve handles and knobs

These items are often overlooked when it comes to redecoration and design and it really takes little time to improve them, or change them completely. If you feel that repainting will not do the trick, change them for some interesting looking ones. This could change the entire perspective you have on your closets and doors. The choice of designs and materials handles and knobs are offered in is so vast that you will surely find suitable ones for you. You could also carve some unique ones yourself, if you have an artistic touch.

These are just a couple of advice that could help you enrich your home with very little investment. I know I am pretty satisfied with the results I got, and I am by no means a professional. Take your time, think everything through and get to work, I am sure you will surprise yourself.

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