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Is there an Alien bright light in charge? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 11, 2015

Is the ultimate 'God' an abbreviated word for a blindingly super intelligent 'Alien bright' explanation? Planted seeds of evolutionary creation? A scientist hints at such.


Watched an enlightened interview between an interviewer and one of the guys-if not THE guy- who designed and was instrumental in sending the perky 'all terrain' little creepy- crawly photo genre machine to Mars, sending back explicit pictures of the possibility (almost certain) evidence, life as we possibly don't know it, existed on, or near the Mar's bar of unknown.

Grooves and worn rivulets of once water- bearing canals possible- snapped in detail. It's a well- worn subject is outer space. Myriads of planetary unexploredness perhaps beyond our comprehension of thought. Billions of 'ad' space stations yet to be confronted and intruded-emailed to death. Untaxed land as far as Mars dust you can sneeze. The N.A.S.A. scientist in question basically reiterated the vastness. With the comment "it is imperative we find another planet to advertise our wares on." I lie.

"Find another planet" was his remark regarding the population impending. I just threw the death 'adder' in to add an air of dusted dream.

The remark i found most fascinating was "maybe we were left in a 'creative' evolutionary state on Earth by an advanced species so far beyond our comprehension that the 'fill the blank spaces/dots in' created 'God' via the scriptures. GOD, for the want of a better adjective, to describe the ultimate?

Could it be that the highest ultimate being depicted as a blinding light, be the boss alluded to by the scientist and religious learned handed down through the ages and perhaps a bit exaggerated as human scribes tend to do? Would it therefore shock all religions if that bright light turned out to be so in a slightly different form? Though still retaining the concept described in the Holy Bible?

This wouldn't mean a total disbanding of the scriptures welded in different shapes by the torch bearers of the basics humans are supposed to adhere to. Therefore, how many people would be disappointed terribly if the government released ALL its findings and facts pertaining to aliens. What would be the harm? Are the world powers that possessive in the belief that absolutely no-one or nothing has a higher intelligence outer space bound- than me? Now don't get upset. I have only used myself as the most intelligent person on this planet because i haven't got the time to buy a four wheeled cart and droopy-eyed horse on ebay to traverse the planet banging on people's doors shouting out "here ye here ye bring out your 'more intelligent than i' if you think you harbor such in your abode!" Plus the fact i don't like the thought of being at the bottom of a pile of screeching imbecilic replica wind-up toy monkeys with voice activated banana boat songs. Indeed, i try not to make my stupidity my main reason for being stupid. That's my excuse. What's yours...prayer got your tongue? Nothing wrong with that.

Let's put intelligence and commonsense aside (government has it down to a finite regime of 'practice makes perfect') as we all indulge with remarkable ease a great percentage of the time. Sometimes reluctantly admitting we're wrong.

For example i have calculated the average married man who lives a fruitful married life (bananas and lemon spiel?) spends roughly three quarters of his life arguing with his missus about inconsequential things. The other quarter listening to his partner telling him in no uncertain terms SHE/HE was right all along! So, why did he waste three quarters of his life before he retreated to the bathroom to placate his ingrown ingrained headache with the exact same prescription headache tablets his more superior informed knowledgeable missus was forced to ingest simply because the man of her nightmares, or dreams, as the case-by-case may be...didn't bloody LISTEN! Don't get me wrong,the female is right and the male almost certainly right or wrong, basically wrong three quarters of the time. Ask Dr. Phil! Would he wrestle mania with Judge Judy in a vat full of jelly?

Plus remember, Dr. Phil's missus won the however brief spat they had. How do i know? Well, Phil wasn't allowed to diagnose and send his bank account away for a summer's holiday because i have it on good authority Dr. Phil had the temerity to question his wife's judgement. Never ever do that! Now, to the crux of my post. Whether in alien form, mystical form, blinding light form, essay form...the first alien to land will speak directly to a female.

(Bang crash outside house, woman yelling at three kids. All doing exactly not what they were told to do).

Alien enters.

Alien: "I come!"

IRATE WOMAN:" Good for you...did you wipe your feet?"

ALIEN:" I am from a place beyond your comprehension...i am the blinding light, i am the the greatest...!"

I W:" Oooh! step aside Mr. Clay."

ALIEN:"I can read your mind although yours seems to be a mixture of mixed -up feelings. Rest female. I want to save you."

IW:"Yeah yeah, my husband invented that 15 years ago. Don't stand there googly- eyed, and you can clean up your ship. My hub never does. What does your thingy fly on anyway? It's dented badly. You don't look well. Can i get you a drink?"

ALIEN:"I am the bright light oh female...i don't drink, woman."

IW:" Okay, can i get you a dry cell? C or D?" AC or DC?"

ALIEN:"Are you the most intelligent form between the male and female?"

IW:" My husband has only given birth to a constant belch and a beer gut so what do you reckon oh el supremo?"

ALIEN:" I started mankind churlish girlish one."

IW:" If you began begat with the creation of a kind man it would have been a great start!"

ALIEN:"I have magical powers beyond the stars!"

IW:" Yeah, so does my husband on pay night...all fizz no spark. I'm afraid the rabbit has left the hat and the building."

ALIEN:" I can make your children behave, give them one of these each...(produces three Mars bars, children sit chomping).

IW:"Can you turn me into a beautiful woman again, pre marriage hottie?"

ALIEN:" You and your children are beautiful in your present state, i cannot improve upon perfection."

IW:"(coyly) Have you had your eyesight checked lately. Do you really think i'm, well...cute as?"

ALIEN:" I see all. I know all. I must leave oh cute one. I am going to install you in the White-house.Your position here as housewife is beneath your station. I'll send for your man maid helper when the time is ripe."

IW:"Give me a minute wonderful one, don't rush with the husband, i'll just doll up a bit and get the kids ready."

(the bright light hovers next to the new world leader). The kids suck their never- ending Mars Bars. Quietly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, former President, by the power invested in me after seeing and speaking to the light of my life, i, Madge, former slob looker afterer, chief cook and baby bottle washer, declare i will use all my female powers to be your new sensible President. I will be sworn in, not at. My husband will be along later to be sworn at if his trousers aren't tucked in though this will be highly unlikely until his belly has been wacked back to something resembling normal see. In the meantime as usual, his stomach will arrive as usual, one minute before the rest of his body. My husband like most, can start a raging headache. End result i drift off and see bright lights.

HUSBAND: (shakes Madge) "Madge! Madge! Are you okay? The kids rang. There's a burnt ring in the front lawn. Didn't i tell you to stop trying to burn the lawn down! i'll mow it. Good God you could have been caught in a ring of fire. Good God woman you look as if you've seen an alien! Where on earth did those box of Mars Bars come from? Has your headache gone?

IW:" It's okay, the bright light told me i was beautiful, perfection. Our children are beautiful. I slept."

HUSBAND:" You certainly are my dear,and our wonderful kids. You are my reason for being. You are a dream personified...what's for tea love? I ran, or at least waddled all the way home from the freeway. Must have lost an ounce or two. Caught sight of my belly button several times. Car just stopped on the highway. Something sucked the life out of it."

IW:"I know dear...sometimes in life you have to leave the bright light suck behind. The kids look full...what would you like to chew on? Fancy a rump steak?"

HUSBAND:" Madge you are the President at steak. I will wash in preparation."

MADGE:"Do you really think i'm beautiful?"

HUSBAND:" Out of this world! Off the Planet."

MADGE:(murmurs) "I've heard that one before hungry boy."

There's no moral: the headache you're with? After all, the grass isn't always greener on the other's an optical illusion. Can be a ring of dire if you're not careful. An enlightened state? Anyone live in or near one? :>)

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