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Where to use your Vowels: Anne A Clot. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 08, 2015

As long as you can point with a fistful of dollars at what you want do we really need English? Money talks? :>)


Hi students from all wacks of life. I'm Anne A, a Diplomatrix Prof. of where to venture if you're a user of English or within the vicinity. I must say boys and girls the way distressed English is distributed willy nilly with abortive verbal from the upper echelon in its highest social media context is ok. For example: "We sort your mathtics and Engish and poofread same to enable you to achieve higher exactication of chosen field- contact us- we help..." Of course the sentence should read thus. "We sort your mathtics, Engish, AND poofread same to enable you to achieve higher exactication of chosen field-contract- we help.

That is the corrected version. Delete the extra and, and chuck in a couple of extra commas, contract? and the sentence and meaning regards spelling and punkuation is now perfect. Higher Exactication the main thrust. If you're still a bit confused ring Barry my ex nearly husband. Ex because his poofreading lead me up the garden path. Barry conned his way into my heart full stop...inverted poofreader. You see the poof was in the pudding when upon my wedding day the Reverent Jim Stickler, asked me "do you Anne A take this proofreader Barry to be your lawful English partner to have a working relationship with him A?"

I declined. I said loudly and clearly. "Barry my unlawful hubby so far, you are not what you professor to be, in fact your Engish is shagging...sorry, shocking. I can't abide with a liar liar pants on fire person posing as not only my hub of desire...but a person supposed to be literally my business partner whoma leda mea (sorry i'm drifting into the realm of my native Italian Italics!) to believe, he isa pro at at the top of his verbatim game. We parted. Indeed, i should have sensed something wrong when i first met Barry at a local dance in the Village of Clot where i was born and raised by my parents. John and Batty Clot. Barry did look dashing in his striped gumboots and cucumber earrings. Set off by a replica elephant's ivory horn through his nose. Indeed! i was smitten by Barry's east west late model nose horn. Nearly gouged my eye out. Barry bowed, said charmingly, "would you chair to dunce?" Before i could gather a clot reply, Barry picked up the chair and dunced off. I hopped after the amusing clot. Wrenched the chair out of his grip. Admonished Barry coyly. "Oh Barry" i giggled, "you meant to say, correct me if i'm wrong kinda (there i go again dancing in Italian!), but you meant to say, "would you care to dance?" Barry looked puzzled for a few brief seconds, pulled his up, replied disarmingly, "thanks for asking me Anne,sure i'd like to dance."

That night Barry drove me home. He was a trained drover from Dover until he lost his job after droving an expensive herd of woolen clad merino sheep over the cliffs of Dover. When the Knight owner saw what happened he ran up to Barry, yelled, "why weren't you looking over the white cliffs of Dover? Barry shrugged. Looked sheepish. Never did find out why. You see Barry had a gleam in his eye. The farmer saw that same gleam in Barry's eye. The sheep must have tumbled over the cliff because Barry had the torch he was supposed to be guiding the colorblind sheep with, (they couldn't tell day from night) turned around the wrong way-about face? I questioned Barry but he couldn't shine a light on what exactly happened? The battery must have gone flat and left him in the dark and consequently resulted in stranding the sheep all at sea?

We kissed that night. Barry said he was studying to be a poofreader. Simply because the sheep went poof! out of sight. They couldn't read Barry's thoughts as they baahed on their way down. Sheep are not that good at sky flying or cliff diving...unlike pigs.Our relationship on the wedding day went poof. My hub to be was ex communicated before the maladjusted impending marriage was complete. We shook hands amicably so i was forced to start my business on my own. My main thrust being where to use AN and A in a sentence. I'm sorry i drifted a bit like those unhappy dog paddling sheep that didn't even get to use their vowels that night.

Okay, let's not paddle around aimlessly. Indeed, Barry wrote me recently, said he did throw a sheep GPS over the cliff but none of the sheep could catch. They were too busy dog paddling. Apparently the sheep did reach the coast of Australia and if you students care to look up Captain Cook's laptop diary on facebook he did make mention of nearly running aground on a herd of irate backstroke swimming gasping Dover sheep as he drove into Sydney Cove with our not so great criminal lineage.

Actually AN excited ram jumped overboard in an effort to bring the soggy sheep on board but he got rammed and nearly keel hauled for his trouble. The sheep were taking on water, however, they floated to shore, found some smoked grass which energized them somewhat.

I'm drifting again like the sheep,sorry. Dreaming grass croppers?

Okay let's put the usage of vowels pertaining to AN/A in a simple sentence. Incidently students, you should try to use your vowels whenever you can. The sheep couldn't of course because they rested at night and dog paddled in the wee hours come morning. Sounds daggy i know.

Alright, using AN and A i'll demonstrate. "This lesson is Anne freebie lesson A! Anne much to my disappointment A? very very much so A? i don't get paid for freebies an 'aint that AN shame? A? it certainly is a shame for Anne A! Using this method you'll never get in trouble with Anne A Clot again. A quick brown fox jumps over Barry's log. Barry had A log but missed AN opportunity to wack his breakfast on the head A.After the fact. Barry is not a loser AN don't think Barry is ANNE clot or A loser. ANNE A Clot is the loser an 'aint that a recurring shame. And i hope i have helped you in your quest to distinct AN from A. An unlikely story granted. But A sensible person standing on the shores of Australia may not be able to see the sheep for the sea. Bit of a shame really. I mean the sheep, should they be desirous of returning to England, need guidance should they chews to return and choose the meadows of Dover by sea to chew upon. They are not trained in GPS tracking...they need someone to guide them. I mean they only have to take a wronga turna and they could end up in Italy? It's all Greek to me? Hope they don't end up with Greecy wool? They won't get paid for pulling the wool over Greece's eyes! As long as we all live in peace we can help each other piece together what we're trying to achieve instead of making a piecemeal of our planetary obligations to each other. AN what pray tell is that A? Have A great weekend, ANNE C Clot wishing you A wonderful AN happy free weekend A? :>)

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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By perrykorn on April 15, 2015 at 05:57 am

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By tutorsindia on April 16, 2015 at 01:36 am

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By riginal on April 16, 2015 at 05:27 am

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By Addison Melissa on July 06, 2015 at 05:27 am

This is not a matter of spelling; it is a stuff of pronunciation. "An" is not used before a vowel, it is used before a vowel *sound" and can occur before *written* consonants when they are *pronounced* as vowels. need assignment help

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By riginal on July 11, 2015 at 07:28 am

...PURPOSEFULLY done fool! You say,"it is a STUFF of pronunciation?" Where the hell did you learn English? And you can stuff your ad...if your vowels have room. You obviously have no funny bone or any inclination of what i was trying to need help...they say prune juice loosens the vowels and perhaps your humerus...if you have some hanging? STUFF me...stone the crows...wake up, it's past your vowel time. Your site is a ripoff. Haven't seen anything of your write nor not likely to as it is all a load of regimented stuff.:>) Open your vowels.Get a life Melissa. :>)

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By clark james on September 15, 2015 at 07:04 am

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