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All these are Made Easy for you by 3D Printing

by Albert Smith (writer), , April 01, 2015

The world of architecture is a transforming one. And it is impacted by a lot of other things as well. For example, the world of technology has a significant impact on architecture.

The world of architecture is a transforming one. And it is impacted by a lot of other things as well. For example, the world of technology has a significant impact on architecture. New trends and innovations appear in technology, which help to make construction easier, and the results better.

A new kid on the block in this regard is 3D printing. Although it’s been a few years since its advent, yet 3D printing still appears to be at a nascent stage. So, new additions are likely in this field and 3D printing will evolve over the years into a more effective tool.

Currently, 3D printing is used for a lot of things. In fact, it can be said that 3D printing has taken off fast. Earlier, it was used to create drones. Now, something even more significant is being built with the 3D printers. Three dimensional printing is being used these days to create a wide range of things.

So, what can you get by using 3D printing?

These days, 3D printing is being used to create a lot of things. Here’s a quick look:

    ·Replica of historical artefacts

    ·Prosthetic body parts

    ·Jet engines



Replica of Historical Artefacts

Are you a lover of artefacts? Want to get hold of the most important historic artefacts? Then you might have to depend on 3D printing. At least that’s what the British Museum can offer you. There are opportunities of having the best artefacts from history. So, you can now get the 3D printed examples of different artefacts that are stored in the British Museum. It also comes as a downloadable collection and can be found on the internet. So, if you want to add a statue of Zeus or some Egyptian collection from the British Museum to decorate your home, the replica isn’t out of your reach.

Prosthetic Limbs for Accident Victims

Every year, a large number of road accidents happen. And as a result of those, hundreds of people lose their body parts. Earlier, they had to lead a life of a handicap for as long as they would live. However, 3D printing has helped to solve this problem. It ensures that different parts of the body can be created artificially. These prosthetic body parts are created through 3D printing within a short time. And once they come out of the printer, they are attached to the body of the person who has lost a body part in an accident. Thus, these prosthetic body parts, especially artificial limbs, help to bring a new ray of hope for the victims of accidents. Besides, there’s also the 3D printed bionic hand, which ‘fits like a glove’.

3D Printed Jet Engines

Researchers are taking the world of 3D printing to altogether another level. The 3D printers are now being used to create jet engines. And the most amazing part is that these engines are being used for the original jets, as they are functioning in a perfect manner. In fact, 3D printed metal rocket engine has also been test fired already. So, it is now a matter of time before the jet engines created through 3D printing becomes extremely popular around the world.


Unmanned aircrafts or drone are being used across the world for various reasons. They are used for warfare as well as for several other purposes. These drones were earlier manufactured only in factories and would take a long time to be ready. However, they can now be created through 3D printing. And like all other 3D printed objects, they take just a few hours to be ready for use. Moreover, the drones are created with all their complex circuits and other parts. So, they are ready to be used the moment they come out of the 3D printer.

Clothes Right Out of the 3D Printer

Did you know that even the clothes can be 3D printed? It is a new addition to the fashion industry, where the clothes are not spun, but printed with the help of the 3D printers. There are different types of 3D printed dresses that look cool when you wear them. And you can even feel comfortable wearing such clothes.

All these show how 3D printing has infiltrated almost every walk of life and they make life easier on different aspects.

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