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Biggest Mistakes - While Conducting Wedding Photo Shoots

by Kabir (writer), , March 31, 2015

Are you getting married soon? Are you just one of those numerous couples who think that just by hiring a ‘good’ photographer, one can have amazing wedding photos?

Are you getting married soon? Are you just one of those numerous couples who think that just by hiring a ‘good’ photographer, one can have amazing wedding photos? If that’s what you exactly think, then it’s time to shake off this misconception. Your wedding, after all is an once-in-a-lifetime event, and therefore the wedding photography has to be one-of-its-kind.

So instead of dwelling into delusion, what about checking out some ‘recipes’ that ‘prepare’ truly fantastic wedding pictures?

#1: Focus On The Bride Primarily

Traditionally, the bride remains the center of attraction in every wedding. And you cannot deny that fact that she will be the numero uno in the party. So before you click any picture of hers, make sure that she is looking at her best. Let go of the photographic angles, which might not be too flattering for her. Also, see if she is feeling uncomfortable in any particular pose during the photo shoot.

By the way, focusing on the bride does not mean that the groom will not be catered to. It’s best to go for a wedding photo booth hire agency to do a part of the wedding photo shoot The booth operators might suggest some cool poses for the bride and groom, as well as for the entire crowd.

#2: Think Beyond Photo Shooting During The Wedding Time

Instead of taking most of the photographs during the wedding, an experienced photographer would take separate time for an exclusive photo shoot for the bride and groom.Optimally, the couple should be asked to strike poses after the wedding is over, so that the couples can relax and excuse themselves from the massive pressures of the big day while posing.

#3: Avoid Excessive Posing

The bride and groom might have their ‘signature poses’, or chances are they might want to get experimental and pose a lot. However, a wedding album, that features people making several poses, or making strange faces, can be a drag. Let the wedding album comprise of a mish mash of different types of photographs, including that of conventional types, those showing the guests at their crankiest best, as well as those catching some truly emotional moments.

Here is a small tip for the couples to try. Given that no photographer can make you appear like a supermodel just on the day of wedding, you might want to do some homework beforehand. As for example, consult the fashion magazines, sort out the poses that you really like and practice those poses in front of a large mirror. It is a great way to manage your camera-shyness. Try it to believe it.

#4: Visit The Parlour

A good makeup artist can help you big time to manage the ‘problem areas’ on your face, while a great hairdo can help you done the perfect bridal look. Remember that photographers have a never-ending appetite for everything that can give a treat to the sore eyes and wearied soul. So take the opportunity; look your very best on your big day, and see how your wedding photographs turn out to be.

#5: Shun The Shiny Dress

A gaudy dress might make you look gorgeous on the wedding venue. However, when it comes to your marriage photographs, a shiny wedding dress can bring along disastrous results. Your dress might shine a lot, somewhat similar to that of a mirror, thus refraining your photographer from using flash. This is because; a shiny dress can bounce the light back that a flash will create. Since the risk is not apparently worth taking, it is always wise to choose a dress, which is elegant and not much gaudy.

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