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Never Lose Your Phone Again With this Remarkable Android Spy

by Stuart Clock (writer), Douglas St, March 26, 2015

Ever heard of a little Android Spy app called XNSPY?

Be honest, how many times have you had that moment of utter panic when you think you’ve lost your phone? We all know that feeling all too well. It is usually followed by a frantic tapping of the pockets/purses, a tracing back of steps, upheaving cushions from couches. So what if I tell you there is a simpler way for you to keep track of your lost phones? Ever heard of a little Android Spy app called XNSPY? Because it’s about to make your life a whole lot easier.

What Does XNSPY Do?

XNSPY gives you remote access to your iPhone. This means you can control it even when you’re not physically holding it. Once you install it, you should be able to

• Track your iPhone through GPS
• Lock your phone temporarily
• Wipe your entire phone’s data

From the XNSPY Control Panel on your computer alone.

When Would I Use These Features?

Your phone probably has important data that you wouldn’t want to be shared. Like credit card information, or emails. Or social media passwords at the very least. Which is why when you think you have lost your phone, your Android monitoring app would let you temporarily lock your phone. This means if someone is to find it and pick it up, they won’t be able to access it. In the meantime, you can track your phone through GPS and find its exact location.

If you think your phone is lost for good and you have no hope of finding it, or trying to recover it is dangerous, you can simply wipe your phone’s data clean. This might not get you your device back, but it will stop the thief from getting anything that is inside the phone. It could be pictures, files, personal data, anything at all. Your device may be lost but your data won’t be compromised.

How Much Would XNSPY Cost Me?

I bought my subscription for a mere $8.33 for a month. But an annual subscription will give you 72% off which amounts to less than a $100 dollars for a year. Compare this with the security you’ll be getting and it will start to seem like a pretty good deal.

The thing is, these days our smartphones contain all sorts of information about us that in the wrong hands can do loads of damage. An Android spy app is a more sophisticated way to secure your data. Install XNSPY and never worry about having to lose your phone or your data again.

About the Writer

Stuart Clock is a web entrepreneur and he loves to write about tech, gadgets and latest trending news. He explores his words in the article with his tremendous skill. Apart from blogging, he is doing journalism and working hard as an editor in some tech/world news sites. His ambition to be a famous blogger in the web world. Apart from his business he loves to do travelling, playing cricket and snooker is his favourite game.
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