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Electronic Screen Wipes - The Safe and Scratch-Free Method

Worried about the safety and health of your electronic products? Then avoid using conventional screen cleaning methods and opt for electronic screen wipes.

A number of people who use laptops, smart phones, tablets and flat-screen televisions complain that the screen of their electronics tend to develop small scratches when they remove away those smudges. And that’s actually an issue that most urban people face. While cleaning electronics and screens is essential, most people fail to do it the right way. They use clothes, tissue papers, abrasive cleaners and even water to clean screen, which in the end leaves scratches and sometimes, may even cause issues like short-circuiting or malfunctioning of the screen.

So, make sure that you don’t put the safety and aesthetic appeal of your electronics at risk by choosing electronic screen wipes. Although just a handful of companies design and sell these wipes, they certainly serve as the answer to all your electronic cleaning needs. These wipes are designed similar to the way face wipes are designed for your skin. So, they don’t leave marks on the screen like tissue papers, don’t leave smudges like toilet paper and don’t add small pieces of lint here and there on your smart phone, laptop screen or television set.

The fact that these electronic screen wipes can kill away those germs and microbes gives them an edge over the others. Did you know that our mobile phones an approximate of 100 different types of microbes in millions? Well, imagine the kind of effect they can have on your skin, those allergies that they may have been responsible for! But thankfully, electronic wipes can deal with these problems, without being abrasive, without scratching or harming the beauty of the screen.

These screen wipes use simple sanitizing technology that kills germs and microbes without a hassle. You don’t even have to apply too much of pressure to clean the screen. At the same time, you wouldn’t require liquid cleaners to remove away dirt, dust, oil, smudges and makeup on mobile phone or other electronic screens. This makes them easier to use. Plus, the subtle scent in these wipes help you avoid the use of aerosol sprays on your phones and laptop screen (protecting them from further damage).

Removing smudges, dirt and dust can be difficult if you use just regular cleaning agents along with clothes. But that’s not all issue with wipes. Simply use the wipe in circular motion from top to bottom, side to side and then wipe everything off without a hassle. Just make sure that the electronics aren’t on and the mobile phone is either switched off or locked to prevent any damages.

The best part about these wipes is the fact that they can be used again. So, a wipe you used for cleaning your smart phone can be used for cleaning your laptop and television screen as well.

Remember that wipes can be quite an effective tool for cleaning your electronics. So, make those electronics look as good as new, sparky, shiny and ensure germ free cell phones!

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