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Perfect Collocation Help You in Workplace

If you are good at wearing, it is able to add more point in your workplace, do you believe that?

If you are good at wearing, it is able to add more point in your workplace, do you believe that? Your first impression is of significant for the business and the first impression is mostly depending on the appearance.

If you work on the finance, media or office, besides the trick of wearing the formal wear and accenting with elegant watch like Four Leaf Clover Watch, adds a piece of delicate scarf, there are many wearing rules you should know:

1.Choose the one with the same tone of your outfit. If you are an initiate, then choose the one whose color is familiar with the outfit.

2.Combine the cool and warm tone, for example, if you are wearing the suit in dark blue, then you could take the orange or pink tone into consideration for your scarf.

3.Avoid the one that disharmony with your skin tone, if your skin is dark; get rid of the coffee, green color.

4.Don’t match the print scarf with the pure suit or it will dazzling.

If you work on the advertisement, fashion, originality or internet industries, then you can almost have your full swing on wearing. But you have better avoid the flamboyant or low taste wearing. Layers or mix collocation skills are the ability of turning the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal. For the details, you could take the following tips for account.

1.The shoes and bag mix collocation should stick to simple, if you have chosen the green handbag, why not match it with the wine red heels, the contrast colors will talent showing itself.

2.The suit with agile outline and clear line come with the heels show common, go with the pure plat is a good choice.

The pearls accessorize your outfit is seen as the best option, while the noble watch like Geveva Crystal Watch is not a bad choice as well.

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