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Most Profitable Play School Franchise in India

There are a number of play school franchise opportunities in India. But you’ll get returns only if you choose the right one. This article will let you know about the most worthy play school options.

As parents are becoming more and more concerned about their kids' future and are willing to spend any amount to give them the best possible education right from their early childhood, the preschool franchises are flourishing with their business. Play school franchisees can only generate profit for you if they have good credibility and right structure to help you in delivering what is promised. Though there are a number of options standing in the queue, but there are only few that have the best possible future.

Before choosing upon a play school franchise for your business, it’s very important to educate yourself about the ones that offer best play school franchise opportunities in India.

The comprehensive list mentioned below will let you know about the most profitable ones -

  • Maple Bear - Maple Bear is another highly profitable option for any one aspiring to start up preschool business. This preschool with international standard of education is growing very fast as a preschool franchise in India for its excellent and unique ways of teaching. Due to its huge popularity and acceptance among the Indian parents it offers great prospects in term of preschool business franchise.

    At present Maple Group has successfully established 54 schools in India. Maple ways of teaching being greatly popular among Indian nationals offers ample play school franchise opportunities in India. Just with a little investment of few lakhs and a set up, you can start up your franchise business and can reap huge profits.

  • Kidzee - It is one of the most popular and best preschool franchises of the country. It boasts over a chain of 900 schools in more than 330 cities in India. In the year 2010, Kidzee was bestowed the title of “Franchiser of the year”. It is well-known for providing quality care and education to groom the life and future of the young kiddies.

  • Hello Kids - It is one of those top preschool franchises in India that charge no royalty fee. Hello Kids can be regarded as one of the profit boasting play school franchises in India as they have no necessary investment policies. The cost of opening its franchise takes about Rs. 10 lakhs with the minimum required floor area of 1000 square feet. This chain of school is quite popular among the Indian citizens for their best facilities.

  • Tree House - This play school franchise is yet another option for the ones seeking business in play school franchise in low investment. Recently, it secured the honor of being the fastest emerging play school franchise in India. It also stands among top 10 innovative Indian Companies. It requires net investment of Rs. 10 lakhs and minimum area of 1000 square feet to start business with Tree House’s franchise.

  • Euro Kids - Euro Kids owns the widest preschool networks in India. This play school is another good option if you want to carry a play school business in low investment. It just needs Rs 10 to 15 lakhs with the minimum space area of 2000 square feet to own Euro Kids play school franchise. As this preschool is gaining wide popularity with every passing day, there are ample opportunities for any franchiser to earn huge profits and name by running it.

All you need to do is to plan and implement it well, so that you can maintain the quality and name of the organization at its best. So, just choose the best play school franchise as per your preference and kick-start with your business!

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