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How to Convert Your Attic Into a Practical Living Space

by Denise Martyn (writer), , March 21, 2015

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An old unused loft

Have you ever considered turning your unused attic space into a loft? If your attic is used for nothing more than storage of junk you don't need, When was the last time you really used the attic?

Although the idea of an attic with dusty antique toys, books, and creepy cobwebs may sound delightful, in reality, it's not so great. Though it's nice to have extra space to store stuff, do you really need all that old junk? Why not integrate some new space into your home using your attic by converting it to a loft? You then have a super cool extra room.

Converting your attic can provide you with a new home office, an extra room, or even a guest bedroom. The choice is yours. Peter Dale from London Kitchen Extensions says it's way more cost effective than building an extension and you will be using the space you have neglected in your home for so many years, while raising the value of your home. Converting existing space provides families with an inexpensive option for increasing usable space in their home. With some creativity, your attic can be turned into a loft, and you can be proud of your savvy decision.

Below are some smart options to consider when creating your loft.

Family TV Room

When you have more than one room to suit the entertainment needs of your family, especially if you have children, it solves squabbles over what to watch on TV. It's also a great place to give teenagers their privacy while you can still observe them at a distance. An extra TV room lets kids play their video games without disturbing their parents while they watch TV or listen to music.


A playroom is always wise for families with children, and a loft is a superb option for a really cool play room. A playroom keeps toys that often litter the living room floor out of sight and gives parents some peace, while still having a safe place to run around freely and play.

Guest Bedroom

Most families with an average income don't have a guest bedroom in their home, and a loft is a great place to put a spare bedroom. A loft bedroom situated in the attic is ideal, as attics tend to stay hot in the winter months. As heat rises, they absorb heat loss from the lower level rooms in the house. Most attics are about the appropriate size of a bedroom, and you can even add a small basin to the room. Additionally, if you invest a small sum, you can place a small shower in your guest bedroom to offer your guests some privacy when washing.

Extra Bathroom

Having more than one bathroom can be amazingly useful, especially when you have teenage children and when you have regular guests spending nights at your home. It's not very complicated to add plumbing to an attic, and most lofts are adequately sized to accommodate a toilet and a bathtub.

However, ease of installing an extra loft bathroom may differ depending on where your water tank is located. Depending on where you are located, a plumber charges accordingly, but a full bathroom can cost anywhere from £500 to £3,000. If you are ready to make this type of investment to raise the value of your home and provide convenience to your family, it will be well worth your while.

Home Office

With an increasing number of employees working either exclusively or partially from the comfort of their own home office, a office installed where a dusty attic used to be is a wise plan. Whether you are ready to embark upon establishing your own business or you just need a secluded work area so you aren't disturbed in your duties by the rest of the family, a loft can be an ideal office.

This won't be an expensive conversion as you can use this space for more than one thing since an office doesn't need to be very big for one person. This gives you a quiet place to work and still allows you to have some storage space. It also gives you a good excuse to throw out all the junk you don't need in your attic space. It's very inexpensive to install a phone and internet in a newly converted loft.

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By Dehaan & Symko, P.C. on March 23, 2015 at 08:09 am

Thanks for this post, I was also thinking to re attach my attic since it is really needs to be clean and re arrange all the stuff, This article will help to solve my question. Thanks again for sharing your idea to us it is really worth reading.

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By Robert99 on April 29, 2015 at 02:57 am

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