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Five Shows Viewers Are Sleeping On

by Sheena B (writer), Stafford, August 23, 2007

With the new fall television season approaching; viewers are able to catch new episodes of their favorite shows or waiting in anticipation for shows that are being served in the new season. But what about the shows that are already on the air that people are not recognizing? There are a few programs that have grabbed my attention on the tube that I believe are worth watching.

With programming such as My Super Sweet Sixteen and The Real World clogging the airwaves, it’s refreshing to see MTV bring on a reality series that is uplifting and motivating. MADE is a show that takes an ordinary teen that has a vision and makes it a reality by providing him or her a coach and a deadline so the person can live out their dream. Not only is MADE the best show on MTV, but it shows teens making a positive image for themselves. The show help teens break out of their shells and gain self-confidence in themselves.

4.Baldwin Hills (BET)
Although this show is a black version of MTV’s Laguna Beach (now Newport Harbor), and it shows rich, spoiled teenagers who practically get whatever they want in a drop of a hat from their parents, it does take a different spin from the average teen docudrama. When I first watch the promos for the show, I thought, ‘not another rich teen reality show,’ but in actuality, the show is pretty good. The series depict on 11 teens, some live in the upscale area, while others live in the lower part of the city in the housing projects called “The Jungle.” No matter the living conditions, the kids are each going through the same realities of school, family life, and the future. Baldwin Hills airs Tuesdays at 10 P.M./9 CT on BET.

3. Greek (ABC Family)
Greek is a dramedy set in the fictitious university Cyprus- Rhodes and it focuses on all the situations young adults go through in the process of the Greek system in college. When I first held about Greek premiering on ABC Family, I wonder how were they going to tackle the issues of college life on a family-oriented channel; but the network found a way and the show is a huge hit. For anyone who went or attending college, this is the show to watch because you will easily think about the experiences you went through while trying to find your way in college. Greek airs Mondays at 9P.M./8 CT on ABC Family.

2. One Tree Hill (CW)
During the four seasons One Tree Hill been on the air, each character has endured some sort of crisis that any person, whether it's a teenager or an adult (like myself), can relate to. The show, which sets in a fictional North Carolina town, Tree Hill, is a coming- of- age drama that centers on half brothers from different backgrounds that are forced to come together in the name of basketball. Contrary to what critics may think about One Tree Hill, the show is not just your average cookie cutter teen show. The show has tackled serious issues from teen marriage and pregnancy, stalkers, and deaths. And this is all while in their high school years. As the season changed, so have the characters. They all matured from the reluctant teens they were in the first season. Now they evolved into young adults that have something to prove to themselves and to the people around them. When season 5 returns in mid season, the show embarks on a television first by fast-forwarding time to four years. Several questions will be answered and for a show that is full of unexpected twists and turns, it only fitting to wonder what will happen next. One Tree Hill will air its season premiere in January on the CW.

1. Lincoln Heights (ABC Family)
This show is unlike no other on television. I believe ABC Family had made an emphasis with this show because it shows a family, an African- American family, who stands by each other no matter what type of situation they are put under. The series center on Eddie Sutton and his family as they move from the suburbs to the inner city neighborhood where Eddie grew up. As the Sutton family adjusts to the neighborhood and the situations surrounding it, they pulled together and work out their differences as a family. This show works because not only does it have a solid cast but also because each episode is thoughtful and compelling. If you have not found a show that is gritty but heart felt, then Lincoln Heights is your answer. It goes beyond the aspect of race or culture because anyone can relate to the problems that are faced on the show. So please support Lincoln Heights because it’s a great show that the whole family can sit down and watch together. Catch the season premiere of Lincoln Heights on September 4th at 8 P.M. /7 CT on ABC Family.

This complete the list for the five shows you are sleeping on. Although I’m only giving my opinion on shows you should watch, I think it’s good to give them a try whenever they appear on TV. You never know, they could become one of your favorite shows.

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