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Take your business to new cloud services

by Simon Kelly (writer), , March 18, 2015

Growing your business can take years and when you reach a milestone the last thing you want to do is damage all that hard work. What can damage it might you ask?

Your IT can slow your business down or most of all create wasteful energy in productivity. So what is the answer? Managed cloud Services. See you IT lifted out of your business and create a minimalist IT environment. You might be used to IT downtime. Now Cloud will help reduce that burden and IT maintenance. Here’s how cloud can replace and improve your business costs and efficiency.

According to the news published on, it brings surprise to many that even the biggest of UK giants in business have problems when it comes to IT.

KeyCloud Services managed by Keytech is the fuss free way to reducing resources on day to day IT maintenance. Managing your cloud means we help to design, architect and run your cloud workloads and ensuring they fit your business seamlessly.

Cloud web hosting is a hosting that uses the resources of several clustered servers. This means that your website will be designed in a way that it uses the vital resources of several servers in order to accommodate all the aspects of hosting your website. Once this is done the security is taken care of, the load balanced and the hardware resources are available virtually so that it can be used when need. Many people can benefit from cloud web hosting. Cloud web servers hosting is a solution for websites that have outgrown the resources of their existing shared hosting provider.

If your website is very popular and causes a strain on the resources that are supplied by a shared server, it is important for you to look for another solution. The most appropriate solution is to look for a dedicated hosting where your website will have its own server. The only problem with dedicated hosting is that it is very expensive and requires specialized professionalism. With cloud hosting, you can have an affordable dedicated hosting with numerous advantages.

Public cloud

This is a form of cloud computing in which a company will rely on a third party cloud service provider to give services that includes data storage, servers and applications that are delivered to the company through the internet. Public cloud web servers helps the company to spend less money. This saves a lot of money that could be used to purchase, manage and maintain an organization own software and hardware infrastructure. Public clouds are developed in a fast way with more scalability and accessibility than infrastructure that are in the premise. This is because many public cloud companies have the necessary technical knowhow on helping the business achieve more.

Private cloud

It is also referred as internal cloud. It is a marketing term for an enterprise computing architecture that is usually protected by a firewall. A private cloud is ideal for a company that want to have more control over their data rather than what they can get if they source the services of a third party hosted service. This proprietary computing architecture helps in provisioning of hosted services to a limited number of people behind a firewall. This kind of cloud computing allows for advances in the virtualization as well as the distributed computing that allows corporate network and datacenter administrators to effectively become service providers helping in meeting the need of the customers in the organization.

Hybrid cloud

This type of the cloud hosting mixes and matches the public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers in creating your ideal environment. The hybrid cloud gives you the best of the two worlds making you to take the advantage of the external resources that helps you in managing your business. The hybrid cloud will help you in expanding your options without adding complexities. The hybrid cloud lets you to move your workload easily from your datacenter to your hosting service provider datacenter while still maintaining a complete view of the infrastructure. With this type of cloud service, you can also take the advantage of the storage, recovery, and backup options that are efficient and at a reduced cost.

Back up cloud solutions

The cloud back up helps in safeguarding your business by helping to protect your organizations important files and other important applications. This system helps you to get back to normal operations by restoring your files rapidly after a system failure or file loss. Some of the advantages of this backup are:

  • Saves money- This is because the system uses block compression that reduces the storage cost up to twenty times as compared to uncompressed backups.
  • Saves time- The system easily creates, manages, and schedule file level backups through the control panel.
  • Secures your data- The system has enterprise grade encryption that helps in securing the data using a passphrase that is only known by you.

Disaster recovery solution

In today’s world of business, having a good backup together with an effective disaster recovery solution like the KeyCloud, in place makes the difference between a successful business and one which is going to fail. Cloud disaster recovery solution understands the needs of the organizations of all sizes when it comes to the recovery solutions and provide the necessary technology to ensure that the business continues to operate with no or minimal interruptions.

For your business to expand and provide the best quality goods and services to your consumers, it is recommended to seek a provider like a KeyCloud specialist for managed cloud hosted services. Cloud webhosting services are efficient and will guarantee to save you a lot of money for the short and long term of your business.

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