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Let your imagination have its head. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 18, 2015 the prices they charge you'd think they'd throw in a free wordy meal? :>)


My name Me Clogup. I and Me looking for best writer fella from UK to write up recipe to cook essay writer. Mus tard be fat and oily but not to fatter to fit in pot. I last man standing down under pot handle. Caught round neck! Me like boiling words but busy cooking new recipes.. I headhunter but run out of heads. Soup have no body without headstart. Nobody want to test water.

Me no longer eat writers. This a jock. Me clean jockstraps out of pot. Cook only words now. This my recipe for dissertation dessert. Take one capital S place in warm pot. Add i slowly. Not me! I. Add two L L's. Great inn fine. If can't fit great inn in, that fine by Me. To grate or not to grate? That is the question?

Bring letters to boil. Arrange letters on letter table to spell S.I.L.L.Y. Sprinkle with pappa if pappa still alive. Shake salt over pappa but don't get in eyes. Do not assault pappa while pappa staggering round with salt in eyes. I jockular again. Humans have bad taste.

Me once have Mamma and Pappas sing for suppers. Me want to give you more delicious word recipes. No jock. Unless you want to strain word soup through jocks? If do take jocks off first.

Take one large full stop. Wait until 'full' stop sober. Place sober full stop in pot. Place hyphen in pot. If no have hi fan low fan do. Make surely to unplug hi or low fan before putting in pot. If you don't make Shirley to unplug Shirley get hi with frizzy hair then low shock of her life. Shirley you can see that? Shirley see after resting. Pop Shirley's eyes back in. May need Pappa's help. If you both can see eye to eye with Shirley.

Simmer full stop until tender. Let full stop hyphenate but not go into hyphenation as long as bear hyphenates in winter. Other wise full stop wake up cranky and stiff and could attack Shirley and pull frizzy hair out. Do not get frizzy hair in mouth when eating...full stop! This recipe feed two. If you buy long full stop and pre soak with short supermarket to get long hyphen, DON'T hyphen ate or eat, on way home. Otherwise you end up with full stop no hyphen. This mean you have to send frizzy Shirley back to supermarket for another long hyphen.

When you have equal length full stop and hyphen bring to boil. Stretch. This feed maybe four short people at a stretch. Do not stretch people or you could snap their jocks. Add side dish of question mark in case Shirley join in. If you have trouble with words appealing or indeed when peeling before going potty, ring one of UK's many writing services. They claim to all be the best and the prices they charge might make you want to eat my words. At least ask if they'll chuck in a meal as the money they're asking you could buy your own restaurant and cook the books.

Do not thank me UK for this awesome cooking post. I'm busy. Last night i tripped over the wordy pot. Words escape me. And they seem to escape a lot of others too. I repeat. Do not eat frizzy words. Concentrating on eating ones words is hairy enough. Have a great weekend. Me wishing you and i all the baste. But don't baste it too long. The frizzy bits will start to curl up. Shirley you can see that? /:>)

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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By jamesbarber on April 27, 2015 at 03:01 am

Marvellous post.In any event inquire as to whether they'll throw in a feast as the cash they're asking you could purchase your own particular eatery and cook the me writing my assignment

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By riginal on April 27, 2015 at 04:35 am

nice self plug my man...feast one's eyes on another plethoric writing essay flog to flag your company? I would suggest you guys charge the same rate as do covert insurance companies strive to keep their maxims up to keep the starving essay waif from the door? Put your best writer up on any particular subject and we'll see what sort of robotic machination winds your essay toy walk so that yon students with English rusted can then chose but alas most of you guys are so busy advertising your prowess it's a wonder you have time or inclination to write methinks? Make the essay original for added dessert...hold the dissertationary jam please.:>)

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