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What is Air Compressor Used For: A Guide

The air compressor has made the task of lifting and inflating things easier. Different types of air compressors are available like rotary screw compressor and reciprocating compressors whose applicati

The introduction of the air compressors has brought a revolutionary change in how things work in today’s mechanical world. The air compression technology applies to a wide area from inflating small toys to operating jack hammers.

What is an air compressor?
The answer is simple. An air compressor is nothing but a device that stores compressed air to produce work for later use. The device compresses the air into very small volume hence increasing the pressure, which can be even used to lift heavy objects depending on the power of the air compressor being used. There are different kinds of air compressors available in the market today for both domestic and industrial usage.

What can you do with an air compressor?
Almost all the jobs that required hard man labor and complex mechanisms are now being replaced by the air compression technology which does the job smoothly and efficiently than ever before. Just take a look around in your house. The very basic principle behind the working of the refrigerator is the compression of air. The same goes with the air conditioner that keeps you cool in summer time. Another important usage of air compressor is that in the case of inflating vehicle tires and footballs. It used to be a hectic task fighting with the piston before the air compressors came into use. Or when you walk into a store or board a bus, the automatic doors are operated using the same air compression mechanism producing the minimum amount of noise.

Apart from the direct usage of the compressed air, they are also used to power a number of devices in an efficient manner. A perfect example would be the working of a nail gun which uses the potential energy of the high pressure air to trigger nails at a desirable velocity.

Various tools that have implemented the air compression mechanism are listed down. Let’s have a look:

  • Blow gun
  • Air hammer
  • Paint sprayer
  • Jackhammer
  • Nail gun

Which compressor do I need?
There are a wide range of air compressors available in the market today, which can be distinguished in terms of size, power and type of operation. For high power applications, rotary screw compressors are used which can deliver more than 400 HP. Other basic types of air compressors are reciprocating and rotary centrifugal air compressors whose applications are limited to situations requiring low power. They are smaller in size as compared to rotary screw compressors. If you are planning to buy an air compressor, make sure you get the right one according to your needs.

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