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Heritage Business School Organizes SAARC Conclave On Cultural Cooperation

by Swarit Chatterjee (writer), , March 10, 2015

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An Intriguing Group Discussion

Heritage Business School recently, organized a conclave on 24th February, 2015 in the Heritage Campus with the theme of education and cultural cooperation among SAARC countries.

Heritage Business School is one of the topmost B-Schools in the country. Recently, they organized a conclave on 24th February, 2015 on Education and Cultural Cooperation among SAARC countries.

This eclectic function was presided over by a host of dignitaries along the globe and this included a consul from Belarus as well. The aim of the function was to provide the students with the knowhow of conducting business across a cross cultural domain and this enabled them to gain a high level of knowledge and insight that will help them in their future roles as businessmen and women.

A Host of Dignitaries

The function was presided over by a host of dignitaries and these included consuls from Sri Lanka and Bhutan also. This provided the students with a platform to get the ultimate experience. Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, the Honorable Governor of West Bengal presided over the inauguration and Shri Partha Chatterjee spoke on the importance of removing illiteracy from the SAARC countries.

Shri Vivek Kumar who is an IAS in the Department of Higher Education in the West Bengal region highlighted the firm resolution of including cooperation in education with the establishment of a Technical Committee on education in 1989.This included the host of dignitaries who were included in this field.

An Intriguing Group Discussion

A Group Discussion is a very important part of every MBA course and this time, the members of the group were eminent people in the panel. This panel discussion included people from around the world including countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Belarus.

This gave a global feel to the discussion and helped in giving the students an international perspective. The crux of the discussion was to safeguard the cultural heritage of the SAARC countries and help in cultural cooperation among the countries concerned that would help in better knowledge.

Celebrating Diversity

This event helped in celebrating the diversity of the cultures in the SAARC region and in showing the students that in spite of all our differences, we are one and will remain so. This unique blend of culture and business shows the fact that it is only be celebrating diversity that we can achieve unity.

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