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Welcome to the world of flagrant flog. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 10, 2015

Enough www.dumb. dumb watch flogging dissertion and feigned interest in a post.


Welcome to the world of incessant flog by deception, false interest, stumbling crass. Decimation of reason.

I am going to pursue a radio interest shortly all going to plan. Taking stock of the saying, "the best laid plans of mice and men..."

Jeeze! The overhanging 'flog' lichen has spored me on and started a growth towards change. I've got a feeling though before i finish this poblog i will have to face a dissertionary diversion acclimation projected no doubt from ye old England UK prompters.

Look, don't get me wrong, right? Writely or wrongly it's everyone's right to say what they please. But the way i see things unraveling on many sites and the net as a whole, (and it does have a gaping ignorant self serving me! me! me! transparent one!) a hardcore group of some 70% of blogger comatose comments have prefaced the word blog with the sixth letter of the alphabet. F goodness sake! Or so it seems of late.

In fact, i will make any writer of any ilk a bet that one of the "parasites pending," (apt description by recognized writer Shane J) that a parasitic 'cling on' ad will cling on in some form or other scantily dressed as a COMMENT. A wordy whore with ulterior motives? Hee haw!

What i don't get is the propensity and the volume of a group of mainstream dodgy floggers flogging for instance-essay writers, dissertion prod? With replica watch and bag backup for the final suck of the literary sav.Think about it. The protagonists of the flog can't all be wordy sales people employed by these 'writer assist' courses/services.

Therefore if i'm somewhere near the mark and it's well satisfied, (graduated?) students of these very services doing the 'round up,' Why? Wouldn't that mean in effect that these graduate well satisfied students are cutting their own job procurement throats by trying to enlist others to follow in their footsteps? Thus lessening their own chances of procuring their own job Nirvana dream?

Or, am i totally wrong and there's dozens and perhaps hundreds seemingly; of persons or underground gopher- like trained 'pop ups' popping up all over the net at whim trained to write inane comments? To jump the hurdles of 'write' protocol or maybe as it would just smash through the commonsense barrier with gay abandon on their hastily mounted lemming -like commentary contrary to a post; in that one can't make head nor tail of what they are alluding to except the laptops they are launching from are laced with whiskey impregnated backspace keys?

I'm not having a go at broken speech pattern, English, or punctuation. I realize the different connotations and difficulty if for instance you hail from another language. But this then becomes a double- bladed English interpreted sword does it not? Because without fail in 99.9 instances however screwed the comment is, the main thrust is an ad and a site bearing no significance to a particular post their blunt barely concealed 'opportunism' arrows strike aim at!

I mean give me a break. Say for example a student of media has worked hard and had all his/her papers 'doctored' so that the person in question becomes for instance a news person on the beat for CNN. A media rep. I can see one of the 70% current floggers speaking with authority and expression on the advent of a giant turnip falling out of a cargo plane on a hapless innocent pedestrian. He is somewhat squashed but can speak though rather turniptized...sorry, traumatized-lips.


3 2 1..."I'm Suzy Flog. I'm standing next to Mr Wong who was in the wong place at the white time."

WHITE: (moans) "My name White!"

S:" I'm standing next to Mr White who was in the Wong place at the white time!" (it had been snowing heavily. The door on the turnip cargo plane swung open because of the flogging snow). Mr White has just been slightly crushed by a giant turnip which fell from the sky. Mr White tell us in your own words how you feel."

WHITE:" Crushed...turniptized! Much pain...!"

S:(pulls replica watch out of pocket, vinyl bag, essay service dot dumb internet address. Thrusts all three at the injured man)

"Mr White i know you're inconvenienced, out of sorts, in pain, and irritable. But this replica watch keep very good time, i know you dying to buy, even after you buy you maybe die but if you live i have squash bag and writing service...they teach you how to write your will right White."

WHITE:" Turnip up you stupid insensitive woman. I've already been flogged by a giant turnip. Where's your commonsense?"

S:" Sorry...force of habit. I don't know what came over me. This replica watch has an adjustable band though. It will expand enough to fit a giant turnip."

WHITE:"What on earth would a giant turnip want with a replica watch?"

S: (winks to camera) "Viewers, WATCH this space. An untimely giant turnip flattened a White man. Had the turnip been wearing one of my replica watches Mr White could have called out,"time out!" giving Mr White here, time to grab the turnip's second hand thus suffering a glancing blow...paramedics haven't much time...(YELLS OUT TO PARAMEDICS) you haven't much time!" Would you guys be interested in a timely replica watch some time soon?"

I know i know...confusing stupid comment with no relevancy to the subject at hand. Point being if a writer goes to the trouble of writing a piece then don't you 'serial floggers' out there feel an obligation to make a fair comment MINUS the AD on and the scarcely concealed ulterior motive of your WWW.dumb. au. whatever crap you're peddling? It's black and white. Common decency and respect. If you take the time out to think about it. Please welcome a bit of decorum. If you are unable to, shut de comment door after you...or pon you. Only my opinion. Have a flog free day. Is that possible? :>)

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By riginal on March 11, 2015 at 10:45 pm

left the ta out of dissertation but no bites. Just thought one of those scam writing services might correct me.:>) You may notice if you induce the Australian ABC news, that the Aussie government is clamping down on (their words) "miraculous short" courses. In other words scammers are being caught out.

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By Shane Joseph on March 12, 2015 at 07:02 am

Well said! And in the geek-speak that their robotic programs might associate with. I'm preparing my own dissertation on this subject and will post shortly. If we all wrote our attack ad, perhaps the Empire would have Struck Back and driven these parasites away? A happy, but utopian thought...

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 12, 2015 at 09:42 am

Well done Riginal...not sure it will help, I think these whatever you want to call them may thrive on the attention. As Shane say a utopoian thought. It should be the owner who is addressig this issue, don't you think? In his hands now, and hopefully he will do the right thing.

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By riginal on March 12, 2015 at 10:21 am

thanks for the support Shane. Let the force, as opposed to the farce, be with you! I'm sure Barb, D Sager,Ed and the other genuines share the same view...a frustrated one methinks. Questions for the UK essay service for example. Haven't seen one page of their touted prowess in the writing genre of any sort? More to the point, no traceable final results of their 'graduates' securing hi flying jobs? Do they? Also, where are these thousands of top doctorate jobs when intelligent willing experienced people with genuine cred behind them in these fields seem to be hard put to gain employment in Maccas? The monetary essay jackals lick their lips.The dawn of reason breaks. They size up a student 'stray' from the milling herd. They slink away from reason, into the 'gullible' shadows and wait til night fall. Have a flog free weekend of luck you studious students. Cheers. Carry an empty wallet at night! Don't get me wrong, intelligence and education go hand in hand as opposed to a scammer's in your wallet. I know it's hard for the moderator but these serial offenders are obvious. Why not set aside a www. whatever you're selling section? That way the ad addicts wouldn't have to comment at all or go back years and bludge on a previous great post left undefended? /:>)

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By riginal on March 12, 2015 at 10:55 am

Yeah Barb i'd hate to own this site for the simple reason it pits unreasoning ad volumes as opposed to weeding out the same old scams which are so apparent a UK essay service would sit up and bark at it. It's great to have the volume,but at what cost to sensibility? Tony managed it though and he responded to 'dead wood' ads accordingly. But as i said a difficult task and decision only Ed can control. Also i owe you an apology i don't look at facebook at all hardly. I think you put up an Australian Day greeting. You never change care bear:>) I just didn't contact of late because of my weird life. Didn't want to give you a headache Miss Normality. At least compared to mine! This social media thing, is it really that great? Maybe if you're flogging replica watches? Just wondering when replica watches are going to replicate the latest Dick Tracy watches. I'm sure there'll be a lot of wanna be Dicks buying them? You take care girl. And keep away from strangers selling replications. :>)

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 12, 2015 at 02:43 pm

I wondered if you had even seen that on Facebook...but knew you seldom go there. I am more active there than here. Have not been posting or commenting lately, as this whole flogging thing is a bit insane. I prefer to be away from it. At last posted again, hoping that as Shane said they will moderate this at some point...take well...:)

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By riginal on March 12, 2015 at 09:10 pm


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