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The Battle of the Hip-Hop Heavyweights

by Sheena B (writer), Stafford, August 16, 2007


50 or Kanye: who will come out on top? That is the question that is surfacing the music world since both artists announced that they are dropping albums on the same day, September 11th.

What seems like a regular album release for two heavy hitters have become more of a clash to see who is the best MC by the most album sales. While Kanye just want his album to be a hip-hop classic among fans and critics alike, 50 Cent has made the whole release date more personal and vying for position in the rap game like a high school kid looking for popularity votes among his peers.

He gone from declaring West as no competition to him to even calling West out for a presidential- like debate during a telecast of Bet's 106th and Park on the release date to give viewers reasons to why they should go out and buy their albums. 50 even went as far as announcing that he would never release another album if he comes in at #2 on the album charts and made allegations regarding West's record label Def Jam Records, by stating that they will buy West's album to support him and to keep up with 50's album sales. Now 50 is talking a different tune, by claiming that he will not quit if his album sells less than Kanye and that he respects West as an artist.

While 50 made some idiotic remarks regarding Kanye, West remains humble throughout the album escapade, claiming that people are making the situation more than it should be. West is pleased by the entire buzz surrounding the two rappers and feels that the hype is a good way to get people into the stores to purchase either album. West believes that the 11th is all about the music and not about the sales.

So with that said, which album will rank supreme on September 11th? Here's a little breakdown from both albums:

Curtis: With the first two singles didn't catch on to listeners, 50 Cent went back to the studio to retool his third album, causing the release date to be pushed back twice. This time around there will be fewer appearances from his G-Unit crew,as well as collabos with Akon, Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, Will.I.Am, Pharrell and Swiss Beatz. "Ayo Technology," featuring Justin Timberlake, which is also on the album, was leaked on the Internet a while ago, as well as another single 50 did with Robin Thicke.

Graduation: This is Kanye's third album and the final album out of the college series. Insiders states that this album is a different turn from what fans usually hear from West, but with collaborations from T-Pain and Chris Martin from "Coldplay," this album will be viewed as an early classic, just like his pervious albums.

So no matter if you're a 50 or Kanye fan, (or possibly both), September 11th is when the battle begins. Try to support the artists by purchasing their CDs.

May the best man win!

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