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What do You Prefer To Be: a Broker or a Trader?

by Bridon (writer), , March 08, 2015

Both brokers and traders are known for having exciting lives and for the fact that all their days are different.

Both brokers and traders are known for having exciting lives and for the fact that all their days are different. The majority of brokers and traders love their job so much that they make a career out of it. But his is not something easy and not even all of those who love this field make it since sometimes they quit before they become successful.

But what kind of people are these jobs suitable for? Well, if you ask me, people who manage making a career in trading are those who like a fast-paced environment, who enjoy reading financial publications and finding all manners that help them be up to date, people who love working and are money driven but not greedy.

But, even if you want a career as a broker or a trader, are you ready for having one? Both brokers and traders must have strong communication and negotiations skills as well as high energy levels. Why? Well, you have to be prepared to work long hours since this is not a regular job. And you have to discuss with many people and be able to maintain relationships.

Also, if you think trading is the job you desire, you must be ready to learn a lot, to read about the financial markets and to use social media networks in order to keep yourself up to date. So reading the Financial Times, watching CNBC for financial news, following The Academy of Financial Trading on YouTube are just some examples of what you should do every day in order to know what is going on around you.

In addition, if you want to be good at the job you choose, you must be ready to become proficient with multi-tasking and to learn how to make decisions under pressure, as well as to cope with the incredible rapidly changing environment that you will work in.

Furthermore, before making a decision between becoming a broker or a trader, you should know that both jobs could offer you an amazing life. And, in order to become one of these, you don’t need a business degree, but you must be educated, and you should be advanced in economics, mathematics as well as finance and, of course, sales.

It is advisable to take classes in economics or finance as well as in trading if you plan to become a successful trader. Or, you could find a tutor since there are so many experienced traders and brokers who can tell you what is right and wrong and what you are supposed to improve.

In conclusion, being a broker or a trader offers you an amazing experience, and they are quite similar, though a broker seems to have more direct contact with clients, buying and selling based on their wishes.

However, both these jobs can become interesting careers as long as you do what you love, and you work hard for meeting success.

Remember that in this field, being up to date and knowing everything about the markets, which are in a continuous change is mandatory, and your whole career depends on this.

So, unlike with other jobs, being a broker or a trader, offers you something new every day. This means that even you probably have to work long hours more than once a week; you never get to be bored while doing the same thing every day. That and the fact that these jobs can be transformed into the glamorous career with an amazing number of benefits are two pluses that you should take into consideration when deciding what career is perfect for you.

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