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A Silicon World - A Bit of Nonsense

by Dany Bachir (writer), , August 16, 2007

I hope this one doesn’t offend some of the readers. In particular the “she” readers. Well in case it does, please accept my sincere apologies. Your comments are welcomed. But watch out. Your negative ones will let me know a lot about you.

Guys. How lucky have we been for the last month or so? What do I mean?


A great gift from God has come down upon us. Well not exactly. We have to take the elevator and go up few floors.

Music, drinks, smokes and “silicon”. Covered with skin.

Don’t take me wrong. I like it. Not love it. Just like it. Many others love it though (mostly the cigar dudes). They sit there and sing the Eiffel 65 song “Silicon World”:

“Cause all that I want is a Silicon Girl
With Silicon lips
And Silicon hair
You're my Silicon girl
So come into my silicon world

And BTW. Cigar dudes. You smell. Chicks don’t like stinky guys. My advice? Simple rule: drop the cigar and stick to the perfume.

The funny part? If a silicon girl stares at you? She stares at you. There’s no way out. You’re dead. Even when she’s with her man! Staring means confidence. And for some reason they have a lot of it. They don’t realize that silicon makes them ugly (there are exceptions though).

Now. Why rooftops? Because that’s where silicon is these days.

You know. It’s “in”.

The guy who reserves a table on a rooftop, smokes a cigar and has a silicon girl as a date: He’s “in”.

The silicon girl who goes on a date with a guy who has a table on a rooftop and who smokes a cigar: She’s “in”.

It’s sweet. They complete each other.

As for me, I don’t smoke cigars. So I’m not one of those guys. Thank you.

Girls. Keep up the good work. But please try not to fly.

A champagne cheers to all

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