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The Top Five Chemicals to Avoid After Makeup Free Monday

by JustinMax (writer), , February 21, 2015

Find out how to avoid unnecessary chemicals in your cosmetics and start living a natural lifestyle.

Makeup Free Monday is a day off the week for women to just be themselves and forget about what society deems as an acceptable level of beauty. After all, a woman’s worth shouldn’t be measured in bottles of age defying foundation and tubes of hydrating lipstick. However, for some women this day of freedom from “getting ready” in the morning ends on Tuesday, which is fine if that’s what they really want. The makeup these women are wearing shouldn’t condemn them to health problems later in their life. Why not follow up “Make Up Free Monday” with “Chemical Free Tuesday Through Sunday”? This post will outline the top 5 chemicals to avoid when purchasing any cosmetics.


“Parabens are chemical preservatives that are put in cosmetics and makeup to increase the shelf life of product. It doesn’t make the cosmetic prettier or better, it just makes it last longer.”, said Jennifer Gilli of

It can also be used as a fragrance ingredient which means consumers won’t know it’s in the products because fragrance recipes don’t have to be disclosed on the product label. Parabens can mimic estrogen in the body and have been found in human breast cancer tissues. This chemical can be directly absorbed in the skin and also shows up in urine samples. It’s most commonly found in hair care products, makeup, moisturizers, and shaving gel.


Phthalates are another chemical preservative found in mainstream cosmetics. They’re also used in nail polish to make to prevent chipping as it is a plastic substance. It may also be part of a fragrance recipe in some products. This endocrine disruptor has been linked to breast cancer, ADHD, decreased motor function, and diabetes. This substance is usually found in nail polish, hair spray, and deodorant.


Consumers should definitely beware when they see this seemingly innocuous word on their makeup. That’s because it can be one or more of 200 different chemicals. As stated before, companies don’t have to reveal what it is, because their “fragrance recipe” is a trade secret. Women who see this word on their makeup can think of it as censor bar.

Tetrasodium EDTA

This chemical substance is made up of formaldehyde and sodium cyanide. Some companies use it instead of parabens in an effort to be natural, but women should remember that formaldehyde is a carcinogenic and doesn’t belong in anyone’s beauty regimen. It’s often found in soap, toothpaste, and hair dyes. .


This chemical ingredient is actually listed as a pesticide by the EPA and shouldn’t be in anyone’s medicine cabinet. It’s been linked to hormone disruption, skin irritation, and antibiotic resistance. It’s found in soap, toothpaste, deodorant, and many cosmetics.

This list does not include all of the preservatives and additives that are found in cosmetics and personal care products. Women should always check the label of any makeup they plan on purchasing and know all they can about the ingredients.

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