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3 Jewelry Gift Giving Ideas for Easter 2015

by JustinMax (writer), , February 22, 2015

Easter is right around the corner. This post reveals how to present gifts of jewelry in a unique fashion when an Easter basket just won’t do.

Easter will be here before you know it and it’s the perfect opportunity to surprise your sweetie with a special gift. A gift of jewelry will be sure to make this an Easter to remember. This article makes buying jewelry a breeze, because it outline 3 easy to follow gift giving ideas.

Customize When Possible

Most people don’t like to show up with the same outfit on to work. That’s because if two people are wearing it then it doesn’t seem as special. You can bet this is even more important when it comes to a surprise gift of jewelry for Easter. That’s why gift givers should look for ways to customize the jewelry or have a custom piece made. This could mean having a line of a romantic poem inscribed around a gold bracelet or ordering a popular ring with a different gemstone than presented in the sales flyer. It should also be noted that heart pendants aren’t the only choice for starstruck lovers. Apples, roses, maple leaves, triangles, shells, and harps also symbolize love. This can be taken a step further by choosing a symbol or shape that has special significance to the people in the relationship. If nothing else, shoppers can always have the piece inscribed with their names and anniversary date.

Take the Partner Too

No, this tip has nothing to do with people taking their sweetheart shopping with them, bit has everything to do with taking advantage of a good find. There are times in life when the perfect gift for the perfect person just shows up. The only thing to do is buy it. “Shoppers who find themselves in this position should find out if there is a bracelet to go with the necklace that caught their eye or they’ll wish that they did. While twice the gifts may make twice the splash, shoppers don’t have to give both gifts at the same time. They can easily save one of the presents for another holiday or special occasion.”, said Joseph Napoli of Joseph’s Jewelry. It’s like getting double the benefits out of one day of shopping. This idea is great for those people who would rather mow the lawn on a sweltering morning then drive around town shopping all afternoon.

Pretty Presentation Please

Just because gift bags are widely available, it doesn’t mean that they have to be used. Most jewelry stores provide complimentary gift wrapping and this is the holiday to use it. Shoppers who want to do it themselves and can do a good job can use a light pink or purple wrapping paper and set it all off with a matching bow. Now, once the gift is wrapped it’s time to set to the scene. Fresh flowers and light music are just what you need for this spring time surprise. Just give yourself time to get it all ready.

People who are brave enough to face the line at their favorite restaurant for Easter Brunch also have the opportunity to do more than just passing their gift across the table. Instead of having the waiter slipping the jewelry in a glass of champagne and risking a trip to the emergency room, the waiter can bring the gift out after dessert on an elegant plate. Diners can have the people in the kitchen write a special note in raspberry dessert sauce on the same plate for an added bonus. This is equally surprising and not nearly as dangerous as a gemstone ring in the windpipe.

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